If the way Barack Obama was treated is not Racism, then please what was it

Since Donald J. Trump made the decision to run in the Republican primary, I have been struggling to understand why it is still difficult for me to totally accept this man as the 45th president of the United States.  My better angels are telling me that one can only control that which one can and therefore must accept those things that they cannot but for the life of me, I cannot understand why being reasonable in this situation is harder for me than any other I have ever encountered.  That was until just a few minutes ago.

It was after hearing those voices in Kentucky who benefited from the Affordable Care Act (ACA) or Obamacare hearing Trump say that his main focus will be to repeal and replace it, would still vote for him.  It all became clear to me when I heard this one voice say that the only reason she voted for him is because she detested and did not like Obama.  So because you don’t like a person, you stand against all that they say or do even if it helps millions of others like yourself.  In a place we say is a Christian Nation when does our selflessness out rule the will of the Lord?  God asks us to respect another’s truth.  He does not ask us to agree with it or like it only to respect it.  God asks us to care for our fellow man and look for ways to help them out of their darkness by setting an example of how to overcome darkness.  We ignore and dismiss his will and substitute it for our own.  My point is this.

Barack Obama told us that he was born in Hawaii but instead of accepting what he said we made it a point to make him prove it.  He said that he would make strides to include all in the American Dream but instead of applauding the Lilly Ledbetter Act, the Dreamers Act and many other accomplishments of this president, we choose to make less of them and pretend that they didn’t happen and was all bad.  He ended the war in Iraq as promised but we still remain defiant and even allowed our government to truly shut-down because no laws were made to benefit any part of the nation except for those at the upper end by our congress.  This president was never given any credit for anything and often belittled, dismissed and disrespected his entire time as president.

Now comes Donald Trump, who said he did not have any business interest in Russia but was not made to prove it.  He said that many of the stories that were uncovered by the media were untrue but never made to prove it.  He said that he was a successful business man because he had lots of money but never was made to prove it.  He said he would build a wall and make Mexico pay for it but was never made to prove it.  In short, we believed nothing that came from the mouth or administration of Barack Obama but we appear to have fallen for everything that passed the lips of Donald Trump.

Racism may be a bad word for many but when it comes to reconciling the actions of man, individuals must have something to attach our actions to in order to move forward.  After many months, weeks, and days of thinking about these actions of over 62 million people, the only thing that makes any sense is it all had to be about the color of their skin.    Look even further at he faces of all of those who have served as president.  None of these were ever treated as disrespectfully as Obama have, none of them. So how do we define his treatment?  Nothing else makes sense nor even comes close to helping us to understand why.  Why Obama would be required to prove everything said and done while Trump simply only have to say it.


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