Son fatally stabbed and kills dad is sad but so is the bigger picture

Parents always say that the reason they are working 2 jobs and struggling so very hard and even are willing to chase that all mighty dollar more diligently is to give their children a much better life than they had.  You hear that, it sounds good and so you embrace and own that phrase to excuse the truth behind why you work so hard.  You know, s well as all who know you, that this has nothing to do with your kids, it’s all about you being in a position to have all that you desire without having to be responsible for doing the only job you were created to do.  You may have accomplished major things and landed that prestigious job that make you feel like a giant but none of that compares to the job you choose to take on of raising children.  To allow anything or anyone else to do this vital job means that the most important thing in your life was shifted off on someone else so that you could feel less guilty of concentrating on yourself.  History has taught and continues to teach us that the chase of money at the expense of preparing our children to be able to survive this hateful world long after we are gone shall end in nothing but tragedy.  We saw this with the Mendez Brothers and now come another article which speaks the same language.  It is titled “Son arrested after Oklahoma official fatally stabbed” for the Associated Press written by Sean Murphy.  It reports “Oklahoma's labor commissioner died after he was stabbed multiple times at an Oklahoma City restaurant, and his adult son has been arrested on a first-degree murder complaint in the slaying, police said.  Officers were called around 6:30 p.m. Sunday to a Braum's ice cream and fast-food restaurant on the city's northwest side after a stabbing was reported, Oklahoma City Police Department Capt. Paco Balderrama said. Police found Labor Commissioner Mark Costello stabbed multiple times in the head and neck, Balderrama said. Costello, 59, was taken to a hospital, where he died.  Police said an altercation started inside the building and spilled into the parking lot, where bystanders helped subdue the attacker until officers arrived. Costello's 26-year-old son, Christian Costello, was taken into custody in the parking lot and arrested on a first-degree murder complaint, Balderrama said. He remained in police custody late Sunday night.  A successful businessman from Bartlesville who founded a telephone software company in 1984, Costello ousted the incumbent Democrat with 64 percent of the vote during a Republican sweep of statewide offices in 2010. He easily won re-election in 2014.” 

Too much time spent to chase your dream instead of living it and dedicating that time to preparation of your children means someone had to be cut short.  It lends itself to animosity, frustration and soon pure hatred.  Now you do all that you can to embarrass, manipulate and sometimes destroy the one thing you think is causing you the greatest discomfort.  For that hard working, making life better for his/her family parent, it is the child and for that child, it is the parent.  Which one wins out in the end is up to the intestinal fortitude each has but to be completely fair.  When it comes to a game of survival between parents and their children, there are no real winners, just losers. 


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