Voters need to stop complaining about government if they continue to vote for the same ineffective people

If you listen to those on the right, this country is fine in the hands of a Democrat but the Republican-controlled House and Senate is to blame for government ineffectiveness.  If you listen to the left the Republican-controlled House and Senate is valiantly fighting that tyrant in the White House who is a Democrat and he is the reason this country is so messed up.  Both seem to strongly believe their rhetoric and some will even defend it to the death but the real reason this country is where it is lies with the voters who keep sending rich people to office to stand up for the poor people and lawyers to office when history proves that this group haven’t even come close to fixing our justice system.  The problem is not the government as it pertains to one person or one group.  The problem is the voters who truly are the government but keep failing to find or hold accountable those they hire to task.  Blame government all you wish but if you are the one pointing the finger, pay very close attention to your hand because while one finger is aimed at them three more are aimed at you.  It is never the government that makes the policies, it’s those selected to run the departments.

Case and point; an article written by Lisa Rein for the Washington Post titled “A family in public housing makes $498,000 a year. And HUD wants tenants like this to stay,” chronicles a story reporting that “a family of four in New York City makes $497,911 a year but pays $1,574 a month to live in public housing in a three-bedroom apartment subsidized by taxpayers.  In Los Angeles, a family of five that’s lived in public housing since 1974 made $204,784 last year but paid $1,091 for a four-bedroom apartment. And a tenant with assets worth $1.6 million — including stocks, real estate and retirement accounts — last year paid $300 for a one-bedroom apartment in public housing in Oxford, Neb. In a new report, the watchdog for the Department of Housing and Urban Development describes these and more than 25,000 other “over income” families earning more than the maximum income for government-subsidized housing as an “egregious” abuse of the system. While the family in New York with an annual income of almost $500,000 raked in $790,500 in rental income on its real estate holdings in recent years, more than 300,000 families that really qualify for public housing lingered on waiting lists, auditors found.  But HUD has no plans to kick these families out, because its policy doesn’t require over-income tenants to leave, the agency’s inspector general found. In fact, it encourages them to stay in public housing.  “Since regulations and policies did not require housing authorities to evict over income families or require them to find housing in the unassisted market, [they] continued to reside in public housing units,” investigators for Inspector General David Montoya wrote.  New York, Puerto Rico and Texas had the most over-income families in public housing, while Utah, Idaho and Wyoming had the fewest, investigators found.  But under HUD regulations, public housing tenants can stay as long as they want, no matter how much money they make, as long as they are good tenants. The agency is only required to consider a tenant’s income when an individual or family applies for housing, not once they’re in the system. This is different from the housing choice voucher program that used to be called Section 8, which gives families subsidies for rentals in private apartment buildings. That program has an annual income limit; tenants who go above it get less money.”

So here we are, my fellow voters and non-voters, who think that their vote does not count.  In a position of our own making because we refuse to take responsibility for those we elect to office once they are in.  We choose to dedicate all our time demeaning the other guys and defending those of our party instead of holding each and every one of them to account.  We target those whom we feel are easier prey to belittle or those we feel safe in bullying instead of looking first in the mirror before blaming anyone for our current situation.  Some even use other groups to better their point of the disparity.  Today we claim that illegals should never receive any benefits that our veterans are now denied but check this out.

After 9 plus years of honorable service, serving during not 1 but 4 conflicts with a foreign country, I was granted 10% disability for hearing loss and even though I was subjected to contaminated drinking water in both Camp LeJeune, North Carolina and Fort McClellan, Alabama as well as a serious candidate for PTSD.  The $130 per month disability may have been fine in the director’s and policy makers’ eyes for one person but now I have custody of my 10 and 7 year old children.  I saw something which lead me to believe that if I applied, I could qualify for additional benefits to help provide for them.  I applied and this is what they said.  “from the Department of Veterans Affairs, Janesville, WI Director Compensation Service Thomas J. Murphy “this letter is in response to your claim for additional compensation benefits based on dependency.  This is to inform you that we are denying your claim for dependency as you do not meet the eligibility criteria to receive this additional benefit.  In order to receive additional compensation benefits due to dependency, a claimant must have a disability compensation evaluation of at least 30%.  You are either currently evaluated less than 30%, or not receiving compensation benefits”. 

My point?  Get low-income housing, God blesses you to make much better income but stay in there and nothing happens to you.  You can sponge off the government as long as you want because the policies do not consider this as a reason to evict and deny you but be a veteran and not earn over 30% disability and your children can starve.  I’m using my example because if any one wishes to question, they will have to confront me and who better to defend than the one in defense.  The policies are what prevents this nation from being that beacon on the hill and those selected and elected to these positions who can correct these problems but have no spine or backbone to do so is the issue.  I will not let this go until the policies are changed and Mr. Murphy has to re-submit his resume for another job, so my question to you is.  What are you prepared to do?


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