My Truth about the True Evolution of Man

I have been very much aware that there has always been a question of how man was created and while some say by God others say by evolution.  I never really had a particular stance on either because it was nothing I had ever seriously considered until my daughter asked me this morning if I thought that we really did evolve from monkeys.  It was then that I began to seriously consider where I stood and in an effort to insure that I always give my children or those seeking answers the best and most comprehensive that I can, I was struck with a thought.

My Bible tells me that man was created in the image of God and it tells me that God is a spirit so if what my Bible tells me is true then man could never be an evolution from ape unless of course God was an ape.  If that was the case then why would not my Bible inform me that God was an ape and not a spirit?  So if I am to believe in the words of the Bible, then it is highly unlikely that man was ever an ape.  So what does this do for those who still strongly believe in evolution instead of creation?  Personally, I’m not sure but all that each of us can do is figure out what it is that we believe, stand and defend it but always be willing to listen to the other side just in case there is a lesson there. 

For example, being a spirit means that once invited, a spirit can enter any form or body.  What if as a spirit the choice of apes were chosen over let’s say the form of a lion.  If memory serves, does not the Bible also tell of the forming of the now human body from dirt and clay so how would that measure up with evolution?  So which one should we believe?  Maybe we should believe what we find in each of our individual souls.  If you feel obligated to stand with evolution, then I can respect that and offer you all the freedoms to do so but if you decided to stand with creation, the same must also be extended to you.  Even though the Bible was written by man, I still wish to believe that we all are spirits of no particular color, creed, sex, religion or ethnicity.  I still wish to believe that we do evolve and evolution is continuous.  I wish to believe that with each and every day, every hour, every minute we learn more and more about ourselves and our surroundings which forces evolution to a different and often times a much higher plane than we began.


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