Why is knelling right for God but not for a song or a flag

We are conditioned to believe that the proper respect to our flag and national anthem is to stand with your hand over your heart and to show the proper respect to God is to kneel.  Question then becomes why is knelling okay for God but not okay for inanimate objects.  I think this all started when Colin Kapernick decided that he would protest a country who has not truly embraced the belief that all men are created equal.  I believe it began because the history of this great nation has been soiled by the acts of many who are claimed to have built this nation and upon those actions are actions not those of one who cherish the true nature of a free country but the true nature of a perceived free nation.  The argument then expanded into the celebration of an anthem that actually were celebrating slavery and the mistreatment of those unlike those allowed to thrive and prosper. 

At first I did not think that argument had merit until I took a closer look at the words.  I found these words in the third stanza lines 5th and 6th of what is now called our Star Spangled Banner or National Anthem.  It says “No refuge could save the hireling and slave, from the terror of flight or the gloom of the grave”.  Now the word hireling is a derogatory noun defined as “person employed to undertake menial work or a person who works purely for material reward”.  It is believed to be a description of those working for the government to convince others that all is fair and balanced but have no real care.  We all should have a good idea what is meant by the use of the word slave and the word refuge is defined as “a condition of being safe or sheltered from pursuit, danger, or trouble, something providing shelter”.

Now based on this I surmise that Francis Scott Key meant that there will be no safe place for hirelings and slave, no place that they can run even not the grave.  Now I don’t know about most people but this is quite disturbing to me if I am correct in my assumption however I have been wrong many times before and I could be wrong now.


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