Another Tragic Failing of our Justice System

In any investigation, those who are in the know should realize that a tragic trend is beginning to emerge.  Investigators are imitating television when it comes to discovering the truth about crimes being committed.  Often television shows depict the star of that show figuring out what happened by number of means and script writers are getting more and more loose with how things really should be by making the scene more about the person than the crime.  Investigations are never about the person; it should always and forever be about the crime.  If there is no crime committed then there is no damage but if there is any possible chance of misconduct then it needs to be cautiously examined.

Nothing makes this clearer than the article about “a 6-year-old Pennsylvania boy whose mother allegedly held him underwater in a bathtub died Saturday, four days after his younger brother drowned, the Allegheny County Medical Examiner's Office confirmed”.  It says that “County detectives say the mother told them she tried to drown both boys by sitting on them in the tub after a third son left for school. They say she told investigators she heard "crazy voices" telling her to push the boys underwater” but what proves my point is the article also says that “Allegheny County's Office of Children, Youth and Families first contacted the family last year, after Schlemmer backed her van into the same two boys, according to police and her pastor. The county office determined that was an accident, according to Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare Kait Gillis”.

This is where personal biases enter and often times leads to tragedies like this.  The county office deemed it an accident and moved on, not once considering that more consideration was necessary and the demeanor of a person means nothing toward guilt or innocence.  Often supervisors of investigators think that taking an unattached look at the situation means that they are showing no trust in their investigators but to me that is a flat out lie.  If I am an investigator and really good at my job, my decisions and finding s will be sound and undeniable to anyone who looks at them.  I should be quite confident in my results and not fear anyone reviewing them.  Besides that, image all of those who are allowed to continue because of racial biases or all those where law enforcement goes out of their way to conceal or cover-up because of gender or wealth biases. 

It exists and pretending that they don’t doesn’t fix the problem, it adds to it.  Just my opinion and if I am wrong ME CULPA.


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