Facebook Confession Seals the Fate of One and Offers Lesson to Others

ROCKFORD – 23-year-old Lorenzo Kent Jr. was found guilty of first degree murder in the death of 30-year-old Donmarquis Jackson in Jackson’s driveway of his home in the 1400 block of Nelson Boulevard last May.  Along with some witnesses saying that they overheard Kent threatening to kill Jackson, it was also reported that a major part of the evidence used to convict Kent was a Facebook posting which read something like “My way or the highway, killed in the driveway” posted on Kent’s page after the shooting.  Kent now faces 20 years to life for the choice that he made when he decided to take the actions that he did and because he choose to put it all out on Facebook.

Now, for those who still think that Facebook is the best place to air your dirty laundry and make a name for yourself, proof of how much nonsense that makes should be overwhelming clear.  Using Facebook as your personal paparazzi and fan base not only can subject you to those who wish to do you harm knowing your very location but now can be used as part of any kind of legal case against you.  It can only be assumed that the lessons of others being trapped by their rants on Facebook before had no effect upon you because the history of this past is still being revisited.

This young man may not have committed the crime but circumstantially, he now stands convicted and partly by something he done when he decided to post that saying.  It was further reported that he had been dating a lady who had a previous relationship with Jackson and rumor control has it that it may have been her who convinced Kent to stand up for her and protect her honor.  If this is true then there is another lesson for all of us to learn.

Events clouded in anger, hatred, greed or insecurity is not an event that we should allow ourselves to get involved in.  Solutions of disagreements should be settled with words and not sought behind the butt of a gun and threats whether meaningful or just for show is not the way to go.  Nothing that anyone does to you is worthy of losing your very soul and for Lorenzo Kent Jr. any dreams that he may have had to better himself and live a decent life has now been seriously diverted because in partial to a Facebook post.  Think carefully people before you post and just before you hit that enter button ask yourself this question.  Will what I am about to post come back to harm me later?  If the answer is yes then re-think the post, find a more civil way to say what it is you feel must be said then hit enter.  You get the same results as posting evil thoughts without the danger of it being used against you in a court of law.  Just my opinion, I could be wrong and if so ME CULPA.


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