How the Earth was formed with Segregation and Racism the True Leader

As God stood upon on high, looking over all that he had created, he had a burning desire to do more so he embarked upon a journey to create heaven and earth in the form of not just one planet but billions.  Upon these billions of planets he would create beings made in his image who would occupy and care for his creations.  He would create animals, plants, insects and birds that would also bring beauty to his creation and provide the beings all that would be necessary to sustain them.  He would equip each creation with its own defense mechanism as well as provide them with the intelligence to create useful tools or evolve to suit the ever changing climate.  This was and will always be a great accomplishment and one of which he should always be proud of.  This remained the case until he decided to present his idea to those most closely to him.

In a meeting with all of the top angels of that time he made his presentation.  Many there were amazed and supported his dream but there was a few who saw this as a little too much and could see this as a threat to their security.  This small fraction of angels found a leader whom they could rally behind and his name was Lucifer.  They filled his head with so much disdain for his father that he truly began to believe that he was just as powerful and in many cases even more powerful than God.  He was so convinced of his superiority to God that he mounted a challenge that placed angels against each other in a battle that could never be properly explained and will never be seen again.  After the battle was joined, it was only a short time later that Lucifer and all his followers were defeated.  This is also when blasphemy became the only sin that was totally unforgivable by anyone created by God.  Even though some who were loyal to God wanted him to wipe all opposes off the face of heaven and earth, God at his most compassionate disagreed and sought to simply ban them from ever gracing the halls of heaven ever again.

Lucifer asked what was he to do then and God explained to him that the beings he create will replace him and all other angels as third in line for the throne, if at any time the throne is ever turned over.  Lucifer was not pleased by this and used whatever means he could to try and convince God otherwise but since his idea to challenge God could never be forgiven, his attempts failed.  Lucifer was banished to the footstools of God and given authority to prepare these planets for the beings that would now out-rank him in order of the throne.  Lucifer kept an ace up his sleeve and decided to add a little bit of his flavor to setting up these nations which he still thought was a secret from God but was not.  What allowed him to continue to try and trick these special beings of God creation was the enormous faith God had in his creation that they would be strong enough to see through Lucifer’s trickery. 

In the Old Testament, we see how this faith that God had in his creation was severely tested time and time again.  It drove God to frustration that he had provided his creation a Garden of Eden but instead of them being grateful for what he had provided for them, they sought to serve Lucifer and those who followed him.  He sent emissary after emissary to his creations to try and educate them but when that did not work, he sent down floods and fire, hoping that would spur them to change their paths.  Lucifer rejoiced when God destroyed these nations because he saw it as a chance to re-connect with a father he had wronged and who had wronged him.  He was disappointed when he learned that not only was God not giving up on his creations but he had devised another agreement which could only be voided by God himself because this agreement would not be sealed by the blood of any animal but by the blood of his only son, number one in the line of succession to the throne.  He sent his son to provide him first-hand knowledge of what Lucifer had cobbled together so that he could give all of his creations a way out.  Only after the death of Jesus, would the information God needed be delivered to him and the new covenant be in full force.

Lucifer still had that ace and it was the seemingly unquenchable desire of God’s creations for power.  Power was first thought to be all about status and with that began a time of segregation where only those from the tribe of Levi would be considered worthy enough to preach and teach others about God.  So man began to use this as the law and those who did not abide by them was seen to be inferior and therefore must be eliminated.  The rules first established by Moses in the Ten Commandments were quickly modified to suit the ace that Lucifer had played.  Now death, dismemberment and defiance to any real word of God were the order of the day.  Man began to see other men, women and even the animals as servants of them and not of God.  They began to push past, treating others as you wish to be treated and more toward the one with the biggest weapon wins.  This idea still reigns supreme today and has not changed even though many of us are much more intelligent than we were and the history of this world has taught us all we need to know to change our paths.

We celebrate the arrival of the Pilgrims as their toes finally touch the soil.  We celebrate their courage for crossing such dangerous waters to come to this nation and create an new place for God’s creations to dwell.  We celebrate them refusing to be subjected to the rule of the British and escape their system of the haves and the have-nots.  They arrive here claiming to escape religious persecution and to live in peace with all others yet this did not seem to last long since after arriving, those visitors began to see those native to this land as nothing more than savages and their style of worship was ignored, laughed at and undermined as something undeserving of even rational consideration.  Before long the hatred for those who was here first was so strong that those who came to enjoy peace declared war as often as they could to take what they wanted and what they considered to be theirs in the first place.

Then came those darker creations of God who was chained upon the ships of these European and Spanish visitors as they crossed over to other lands wishing first to simply trade what they had for something that they didn’t.  The agreement to trade in fairness was first and true as the desire to come to a new country and live in peace but like the Pilgrims, this soon eroded away when those that they wish to trade with ran out of things to trade except other creations captured when they warred with another group and won.  The ships left not with natural resources from the places that they visited but a brand new commodity.  A commodity that may walk upright like them and may be built similar to them but was far more inferior because of their ability to speak their language and their skin color.  Now these visitors had someone else to exercise their power over other than the Indians.  Now these creations had to kept separate from those who bought them so ideas formed as to not only what to call them but how they needed to be addressed and treated.  This property should never been seen as more than just a tool with no other rights.

Now we celebrate the architect of beautiful buildings but we ignore those who worked so hard to build it.  We celebrate the pyramids of Egypt but never seem to care about those who bled and died to create that majestic monument.  We celebrate the latest model of automobile as it is released at the car show but never even consider all those who worked so hard to make it.  We do this because we believe that only a select few is worth our applause and admiration while those who do not quite fit are less than and therefore deserves less than.  This nation, to date, has been built not on the word of God or even the intent.  It has been built on the desire of Lucifer and the backs of so many who were and is still seen as unworthy.  We celebrate American History not based on its true history but the history those in authority wishes us to believe.  If we were to see the complete collection of the gifts given to our history by Native Americans, Blacks, Asians and other races, perhaps the kids of these races would feel a much more bonding connection to this nation and many more would do all that they could to keep safe this nation that their ancestors help build.  If those who still believe that you have to be a certain class or from a certain tribe to even be considered worthy could know that those they look down their noses at now are the direct descendants of those who help make this nation great, maybe then the feelings of raw hatred based on pigmentation would end.

This feeling of superiority is bond deep and first instituted by Lucifer.  Superiority has never been a trademark of God and never will.  As long as there are those who see material things as a mark of status, privilege, and worth then Lucifer reigns but if it is truly your desire to eliminate his hold on you and the nation you claim to love, you are going to have to stop seeing the world as your oyster and start seeing God’s other creations as your family.


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