Solution to the Over Population of America’s Prison

I know that I cannot be the first to suggest such an unthinkable solution to what many are calling our over populated prison system but I don’t hear much coming from those born with a microphone.  I am very much aware that the reason for this is the enormous amount of money this system generates for those able to capture it and make it private.  I am aware that it could be that those closet Klan members (black, white and Hispanic) sitting on America’s bench, would rather keep their finger pressed down upon those that they see as beneath them and this is the only legal way that they can do that.  I am aware that the threat of jail used to be all that anyone would need to get a confession even from an innocent person and now all it appears to be is a warehouse where those who we see as inferior can be placed without it ever being referred to as a concentration camp.

Knowing all this, it still escapes me why not many others are calling for or willing to stand up and make a change.  My simple solution for reducing the overpopulation problem is to stop putting people in jail for crimes that could be better deterred with fines.  Pull someone over for driving on a suspended license, take the license, tow the car and issue him/her a ticket to appear in court with a stiff fine to proceed.  They are not taking up space in any detention facility and the money collected could be used to update the facility and supplement city budgets.  Reducing the number of those housed in our jails reduces the cost to taxpayers and the burden of city budgets.  Makes sense to me but I am not the ones voters hired to manage and over-see this issue.  Test it with the next person you speak with seeking a position within this industry. 

Our prison system today has stopped being a deterrent to crime and has become a badge of honor for some.  It has become a club that only a select few claim membership in but society wishes to make even our children a member.  Jail used to be something that you could use to frighten your child into doing the right thing but today, to threaten them with it now means that they may soon began to look forward to it as they learn more from the streets than from their so-called parents.

Those associated with the justice system should began to look at more citation issuance for minor infractions of the law but continue to reserve spaces in prison for those who still think that they can flaunt the laws and skate.  Require a condition of parole or release to be that those who choose to commit crimes must obtain at least a high school diploma before exiting and maybe then we can truly label jails as a rehabilitation facility.


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