Why Barack Obama is making some people lose their damn minds

He burst upon the scene in July of 2004; prior to that Barack Hussein Obama the second was a little known individual who had recently won a seat in the Senate.  After that speech, many begin to see him as a potentially rising star in the Democratic Party.  They saw him as someone who could motivate and capture the imagination of many.  They saw him as a connection to that base of Democratic voters who had been feeling disenfranchised for so long and a bridge to bring them back into the fold.  They saw him as an advantage to stand on stage with and hold arms with for no other reason than to advance their own cause.  For those who were not of the Democratic Party, they only saw a black man who was articulate, well-groomed and would make a good preacher.  What none of them saw, except a few, was a man who stood for something, had a pretty good idea how to obtain it and was not going to let anyone or anything be the reason he did not achieve.  The only obstacle to his achievements would be himself and he had learned some time ago how to get out of his own way.

When he announced his bid for President of the United States, some did not even consider it a serious bid.  Others was glad to see him get in so that it would engage many more voters who would otherwise just stay home and still there were those who thought it was a joke and was comfortable thinking that even if he got the Democratic nomination, those representing the other parties would easily defeat him.  These are the same people who are now still stinging from that slight miscalculation.

They thought that even if he won, it would be for only one term, America would have had its first black president and racism would be completely eliminated from the English language.  They thought that he would be easy to handle and control because they saw him as that token black person who went along with everything they said and did everything, without question that they demanded of them.  Another miscalculation that is now manifesting in the loss of rational thought from those who are seen as rational thinkers.

They began to re-think their positions when the numbers of his win came in and it was finally realized that America had truly changed from a country where votes didn’t matter, to a nation where every vote was counted.  They began to re-think their positions after he achieved something that so many before had attempted and failed.  He had made a reality the number one dream of all those Democratic and began the nightmare for all those Republican, this was the beginning and it still is today.
Thinking that by now, scandals galore would be the thing to bring him down yet nothing.  Thinking that bullying would be the way to corral him, yet not so much.  Thinking that publicly standing opposite him, belittling his name and any action or inaction would make him fold up his tent and go home like those blacks that they knew yet he still stands.  Every single obstacle they throw in front of him and their experts say will be his “Waterloo” fails and to their dismay, they can conjure up no other successful path to place him back in those chains and return him back to where he belong.

This is what is driving so many to lose their damn minds, so much so that now he is even been blamed for the actions of others.  Today some say that the cops who are being killed or ignored by black citizens is his fault, as if cops were not getting killed or black folks were not ignoring police before.  He is being blamed for this “sudden white hatred” that seems to be spreading through this nation as if there has not been many blacks, many Hispanics and even some whites that don’t too much care for whites before he came along.  Nothing this man does will ever please them even if it directly affects them and make their lives better.  Nothing anyone say that may agree with him from time to time, will ever be listened to again and if you happen to be a friend of theirs but agree with Obama just once, you are now labeled a traitor and have become a sworn enemy regardless of the many years you stood and possibly fought side by side with them.  This is the insanity that has gripped those who just can’t stand the fact that he has accomplished so much in less time than all those that these same haters sent before.  They can’t understand how one person can be so defiant and the tricks used on others seem to not work on him.  They cannot understand why he is not reacting the way so many others have reacted and they cannot seem to get control of this one lone black man who is far less than they are.  How can someone with his skin tone be more mature and rational than they are?  How can someone like him not fall for the traps that has always been successful in snagging all the other blacks who forgot their place?  

Well here are you answer and I hope this helps.  Many blacks know that not all white people hate them as much as those we speak about in this article does and they do not hate all whites.  Many blacks are smart enough to know that the color of someone skin does not make them who they are, it s and always will be their actions that determine the type of fruit they will bear.   Many blacks know that there were many whites who marched arm in arm with Dr. Martin Luther King.  Many blacks know that it was white people who help created the Underground Railroad.  Many blacks know that it was white people who helped to create ways of leveling the playing field so that we could finally reach a part of the “promise land”.  Many blacks know that white people march with us in protest of all that is wrong with our society and the whites who are truly a friend will not be here today but gone tomorrow.  So to assume that Obama is causing blacks to hate white people is to forget the years and the legacy of all races, regardless of color.  To think that all blacks are now using the excuse of Barack Obama’s dual election to now wage war on whites is to assume that within Black America there are not those blacks who detest and denounce the actions of some blacks, that there are not Hispanics who detest and denounce the actions of some Hispanics, that there are not whites who detest and denounce the actions of some whites as well as Jews, Gentiles, Muslims, Catholics, Baptist and so forth that detest and denounce the actions of some from these same groups.

Each and every one of us is responsible for our actions, in actions and reactions to all that we face in life.  It is not the fault of any other human being or entity that causes us to do what we do.  We decide whether we will use rational and sound judgment or not period.  Stop blaming others for your decisions and hold yourself accountable for those decisions you make first.  If you are so misguided and weak that you need to blame others for the decisions you make then that says more about you than anyone else.  If you need an excuse, then Obama is not the problem, you are.


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