Conservatives are getting a bad name through no fault of their own.

There used to be a time when being conservative was a good thing.  It was a time when you never rushed into anything and was quite detailed in your decision making.  You would not seek to waste anything including opportunity but that was before others decided to redefine the term and tag others, especially Republicans, with it. 

Here are just a few examples of those labeled conservative and how they are truly not and giving those of us who are a very bad name.  Take for example this story titled “Federal Appeals Court Judge Said Blacks, Hispanics ‘Predisposed to Crime,’ Lawsuit Alleges” by Nicole Flatow.  It is written “Chief Judge Edith Jones, a federal judge who, until recently, led what are arguably the nation’s most conservative federal appeals court said blacks and Hispanics are more prone to commit crimes, according to a lawsuit filed this week. Although the remarks by U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit Judge Edith Jones were not recorded, five students and one attorney who attended a February event at the University of Pennsylvania law school signed affidavits attesting to what she said that day, the Associated Press reports.”  This kind of “loose lips” is not the talk of true conservatism.  Many conservatives are blacks and Hispanics and are not more prone to commit crimes.   I, for one, do not care for this description and yes I am quite offended by it, but make no mistake, I am not a Republican.

I make that proclamation in order to turn your attention to the next example reported by Zoe Schlanger in the article titled “GOP Rep: Obama Is a Vengeful Liar with No Moral Compass”.  In this video it is shown that “Oklahoma Rep. Jim Bridenstine (R) took to the House floor on Monday with a speech blasting President Barack Obama as a vengeful liar who is "not fit to lead."  Vice President Joe Biden is also not a viable alternative; Bridestine laments, and is "even more embarrassing" than the president.”  “Last month, Bridenstine gave a speech on the House floor ripping the "intolerant Left" for forcing the "sexual morality" out of the Boy Scouts, Towler Road reported.”    They call him a conservative but a true conservative really do believe in holding one responsible for not only their rhetoric but their actions.  We believe that every person is the only person smart enough to decide what to do with their bodies, what to think and how to act.  We know that even though government is able to make laws, a true conservative believes that it is still the choice of each and every one of us as individuals to follow those rules but stand accountable when their beliefs differ from the spirit of the law.

All of us need to re-examine the definition of conservatism.  To say that all conservatives feel the exact same way as those mentioned above as well as the numerous “loud mouths” that spew hate, racism and arcane thinking is to paint us all with a very large brush.  We are not the same, we are free-thinkers and do not follow one party or the other like blind sheep.  Conservatives stand on their own so do not be surprised if the person you enjoy speaking to, debating with or just love being around, may vote Democrat or Independent but strongly and permanently conservative.


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