Edward Snowden is no Hero

The number one question is all of media centers around Edward Snowden who some say, bravely risk his life to bring us this revelation that our government has been spying on us in a most horrendous way.  The question of hero or traitor is being banned about like a tennis ball with each side presenting their takes and depending on whom you talk to or who is interviewed, one may walk away wishing to believe each separately.  News flash, Edward Snowden is no hero.

Check you history America before you go tagging Mr. Snowden with the title of hero.  My fellow military members are heroes.  Firefighters, police officers, teachers, whistleblowers-on occasion, employers, employees, single moms and dads, unselfish givers and activists are but a few examples of heroes and Edward Snowden is nothing like any of them.  You see, heroes run toward the battle not away from it.  Heroes stand up and make attempts at fixing the problem; they do not sneak or sell their knowledge to the highest bidder to hand over information to aid the enemy of their country in any way shape or form.

The police and firefighters rushed into burning buildings to save lives on 9-11, they died doing their job, and Edward Snowden is still alive and hiding.  If that is going to be the newest definition of what a hero is then should it not also be leveled at Osama bin Laden?  I mean he helped planned 9-11 then ran and hide.  How about Sadam?  He was found hiding in a hole.  Our military is full of heroes because they put their lives on the line every day to defend our freedoms but they do it in full view of their enemy and not from some dark corner.  .  Mr. Snowden said he wanted to join the military to serve his country in Iraq but he joined the reserves.  I think if one really wants to serve his/her country they would attempt first to join the active military, but then I could be wrong.  We demean these and other true heroes when we tag Mr. Snowden with this earned title.

Media wants to call him a hero because he has made their jobs easier because he gave them documents that they did not have the smarts to collect themselves.  Here is how it supposed to happen if you wish to tag anyone with the label hero.  See something wrong, gather the proof you need, and then give those committing the act an opportunity to correct the problem.  If the problem is not corrected then and only then does you leak the information but after the leak you do not run and hide but stand firm and strong.   Check this definition against the actions of Mr. Snowden then tell me, you still consider him a hero.   Media calls him a hero yet just the other day they were all upset about this AP story thing and defended their position by saying that the Justice Department should have given the AP the opportunity to turn over the records.  Did Mr. Snowden give this government time to come clean about this program or fix the problem before he leaked and trying to compare him to Bradley Manning is a joke?  Bradley Manning did not run and bravely faces the charges against him every day.

Within this story is another lesson that is surely getting lost among the thorns and weeds.  This story proves that all parents, guardians and caretakers need to make it a priority to push their children to do nothing less than graduate high school.  Check the history on this as well.  Find me a person who did not finish high school and you will find a self-starter/self-motivator or one who quits everything.  Sometimes we surely cannot see the forest for the trees.


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