Number one reason today’s Grown-Ups don’t act grown-up is Convenience.

When it comes to writing, for me, there has to be a passionate point that I feel needs to be made and probably hasn’t thus far.  I say probably because, unlike God, I am not omnipresent which means others in other locations may have addressed these subjects and I not know anything about it until someone who happens to spy both would then educate me.  That being said let’s get back to the purpose of this article.

Many often ask why those who are supposed to be adults seldom act like it and choose to act more like children when it comes to certain things.  For me the answer is convenience and nothing more.  Convenience because when we are comfortable within our skins, anything that seems contrary or could threaten our comfort is looked upon as foreign and an enemy to our happiness. We say this because we may think we truly know what makes us happy but the truth be told, if we pay even the slightest attention to ourselves, we may come to realize that it’s the simple things that truly makes us happy and not those large and widely seen actions we take.  Imagine sitting at you dining room table and watching one of your children exit their room, look towards you, smile and then goes back into their room.  That second where they saw you and you saw them could be the happiest point in your day but because it was nothing no other person noticed or witnessed, you too soon dismiss it. 

Convenience, remember this as we discuss some instances where I think you will get a much clearer understanding of what I am talking about.  Where I live there is a city ordinance that asks its citizens to park on certain parts of the street during certain times so that the snow plows can plow the entire street.  Those who ignore this request are issued citations which will now have to be paid.  Those who receive these citations are no happy campers and screams to high heaven.  They yell, scream, cry and throw tantrums like some 3 year old in a store that can’t get what they want.  The question is, as a grown-up you tell your children that there are rules and laws in our society that they must follow even if they do not agree with them but in this particular instance, you fail to set that example.  All that was required from you to avoid your current situation was to move your car.  Time taken would have been probably about 5 minutes of your time but because it was inconvenient for you then, you failed to follow your own advice.

Let’s try another one.  Everyone who remotely considers themselves an adult or grown-up knows that with unprotected sex may come the possibility of pregnancy.  For those who engage in unprotected sex where a pregnancy is now reality began to now regret or attempt to determine what to do about this.  For many who see this pregnancy as inconvenient they may use excuses of graduating or lack of financial resources as the keys to why this pregnancy cannot be carried through.  As a grown-up should not that thought entered our heads prior to even engaging in unprotected sex?  I ask that because this appears to be the furthest thought in anyone’s mind during this time.  Now while I do think that every person is responsible for the choices that they make and no other person or government has the right to tell anyone what they will do in personal situations such as this, there is one ultimate fact that is sometimes over-looked.  There may be massive pain and suffering for the child born or aborted but it will never be anywhere close to the pain and suffering that those involved in the unwanted birth or abortion will have to face on judgment day.  That and that fact alone is enough for me to say to all those grown-ups who are now so distraught that they seem not to be able to function, stop the whining, put back on your big kid draws and deal with the consequences of your decisions, but maybe taking full responsibility for them decisions interferes with their  convenience


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