Parent and Police join forces to Murder 6 year old Boy

Found this article on Cop Block dot com titled “Louisiana Police Shoot 6-Yo Boy In Head Multiple Times Killing Him” written yesterday and needless to say, I will not stay quiet on this one.  It is reported that “The shooting on Martin Luther King Drive in Marksville happened at the end of a pursuit and involved multiple city marshals from Ward 2, Louisiana State Police spokesman Trooper Daniel “Scott” Moreau said. Louisiana police kill 6-year-old boy in passenger seat of fleeing car. 6-year-old dead in wake of shooting in Marksville involving city marshals.  It happened about 9:30 p.m. Nov. 3 on Martin Luther King Drive.  Preliminary indications are that city marshals from Avoyelles Parish Ward 2 “discharged their duty weapons at a vehicle at the conclusion of a pursuit,” says a statement released by state police.  The child was a passenger in the vehicle. The driver is in critical condition, the statement says.  Personnel from the investigative arm of state police’s Alexandria field office are investigating at the request of the Marksville Police Department.  KALB-TV is reporting that the Avoyelles coroner has identified the child as Jeremy Mardis, a first-grader at Lafargue Elementary in Effie, and the driver as Chris Few, the boy’s father.

The parent had no business doing anything that would place his son in jeopardy and failed miserably in protecting him from danger.  The police failed to insure that no innocent bystanders would be harmed because of their actions and allowed the adrenaline of the chase to cloud their vision and judgment by shooting into that vehicle.  All who took part should be deeply investigated and the owners of those rounds which struck that child should be arrested and tried for murder.  The father, if he survives should also be charged with the murder of that 6 year old boy regardless of what other charges he faces.  He elected to place his own child in a position that caused him his life because no matter what anyone’s situation is, failure to consider another person’s plight means you are totally responsible for the results.  The child was in the front seat and was probably hysterical as the chase progressed so the father should have been acutely aware that he was there and his attempts at escaping was placing his own child in harm’s way but he ignored all those signs and made a selfish choice to continue to demonstrate to his son how idiots and pure cowards are supposed to act instead of showing his son how a true man deals with his situations.

This situation greatly upsets me because it is the same as what I have heard could have happened to my own children.  They are safe from this ever happening again because they are now with me but I can only imagine how or where I would be right now if it had resulted as this story did.  No parent, worth the combining of cells, should ever place their own children in any kind of position that could cause them harm, injury or death and can some please tell me what happened to the rule that only the initial officer (s) who were dispatched are allowed to discharge their weapons during that particular incident.


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