People can be funny, History can be repeated but Wars are always a Joke

If we honestly take a few minutes to truly think about wars, conflicts, battles and skirmishes, these things often originates between two people who cannot seem to agree simply to disagree.  Each find another, just as passionate, defensive and often times arrogant about his/her position and when they fail to sway the other over to their side of the argument, immediately seek others who agree with them and then take open aim at those who don’t.   People can be funny that way because what may have started out as just a difference of opinions has now morphed into a full-fledged war over an idea that neither is willing to compromise on.  We claim that it is a matter of principle and to compromise would mean that we must compromise our principle and nothing defines a human being more than principle.  If the end result of this style of thinking didn’t result in such serious consequences, we could all laugh about it and move on.

History is then repeated and lessons that were supposedly learned from the last time is quickly caste to the wayside because they no longer fit into whatever design those who disagree need to bolster their positions.  The only true need to study history is to determine what moves were made or not made that could have given those studying it, the outcome that they wish for now.  The primary purpose of history in this regard, is to not make the same mistakes made then but like any other product manufactured by man, it must be new or improved.  Some say that history is best when lessons learned are used to better a society, so we study what we are told occurred back then only to see these same key elements arise again and again without fail and without solutions.  The only true changes that most of our history tells us about is the players and often times never the game itself.

When it comes to wars, one can argue that some type of war has been raging since the beginning of time.  We can even say that it is the reason we have constant and continuous conflicts between good and evil.  The battle for heaven happened because Lucifer wished to replace God but God declined to step down.  Since that time, we have constantly had those who seek power wishing to remove those who are in power.  It has become part of our evolution as a species and since it was started by two it can come to an end by two.  No war has ever changed anything and it never shall.  Wars only destroy and even though some will say that we rebuild, if we are honest with ourselves, the rebuilding stage only lends way to us having more to destroy the next time.  Think back over our history and tell me one instance where war actually changed anything of value today.

What changes things that results in the betterment of a society, is not a war of armament but a war of words.  Two people sitting down, across the table, face to face and each, thought passionate about their positions, are not so arrogant that their way is the only way and willing to actually hear and consider what the other side is saying.  Ask those who were sent to sit down with those we labelled our enemy and you may well find that it is simply a matter of misunderstanding the purpose and reasoning of the other side which strokes such hostile responses.  If you believe that the government is coming to take your guns, then no one will ever be able to talk you down from that but if you think that they may come for your gun but are willing to sit down with them and consider their point of view, it may become increasingly clear to you that it is not your gun that they are after but keeping the guns out of the hands of those unlike you.  What changes things is the conversation that comes when we all remember that no one person has all of the answers and never will, that one group does not speak for everyone all the time and no one person can solve the issues of millions without the aid and permission of the millions affected.


Of all the disciples who claimed loyalty to and followed Jesus, Judas left this world in the most horrendous way.  For those of us who claim to be followers of Jesus today, will we leave this world the very same way?


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