Republicans best Weapons against Losing, Polls and Democrats

While the political media is all ablaze about the big win regarding the governorship of Kentucky and Virginia keeping its House in Republican control, much is being made about how those who won ran their campaign but to a novice political junkie like me their reason for victory is much simpler.

It was widely reported that Mr. Conway had the lead in the polls coming into this election and because of that Republicans employed their next best weapons to give Mr. Blevins his win.  They deployed the sheer laziness and lack of focus by the majority of Democrats knowing that as long as the polls said their candidate would win, that their job was done.  It worked and will continue to work until those who claim the title of Democrat, Independent or just plain those who are tired of sending people to office who do little if anything to serve them stay home on election day.

I see little evidence that gerrymandering districts is the reason and I see little evidence that uncovering lies and scandals work as well.  I see little evidence that taking more days off, like those in Washington, than they do actually work, that spending billions of dollars on unnecessary investigations instead of using that money to help those that they swore to serve see a better future does not land them in the unemployed line either. 

Those who call themselves Democrats, Independents or just plain tired bears as much blame for the situation we find our nation in as those selected to serve in these political positions.  We are just as guilty because we scream to the highest heaven about how bad they are but do not do enough to make sure that they are rewarded for their inactivity.  Our refusal to hold them accountable, the only way we can, by casting them out of office is the reason the political industry and so many others are infected with those who should have never even been allowed to place their names on a ballot.

So those of you who constantly complain about how Washington and other political groups act but cannot find the time to rally against them and vote to remove them from office, all I can do is ask you one big favor.  Shut the heck up and deal with it because your lack of doing all you can is just as bad as the jobs those you are complaining about are or are not doing.


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