The Disillusionment of Christians

It has always made me wonder why we, as people, have not taken full control of our own actions and therefore reduced evil in the best and only way possible.  That way begins and ends with us as individuals casting out evil from within ourselves because then and only then will we ever be believable when trying to tell others how to defeat evil.

This thought re-occurred to me after I heard a friends of mine say something like this “God ain't going to let the devil get no victory”.  What occurred to me was how we tend to rely solely upon God to defeat and rid our world of evil and possibly why so many have become disillusioned to God’s presence because evil never goes away.  Some even question whether God exists or not strictly based on the presence of evil, so to that I have to respond in this manner.  There is some knowledge here that many of us tend to miss or just flat out ignore. We keep waiting on God to deny victory to the devil but that is not God's job, it is ours. We are his foot soldiers and we have been given the authority to crush evil at any turn. It is up to us to defend his name and all that he has created from the devil. We begin by first casting him out of ourselves then as others see us free of sin, they will become envious and jealous enough to inquire how we did it and then begin to do it too.

I say this because waiting on God to make a way means sitting back on our brains and doing nothing.  God has already made a way, he sent his only son to die on the cross so that we can access the way.  God has made several attempts to wash away evil, remember Noah, the Ark, the Walls of Jericho and many more?  All this was before he realized that sin rested within his children and was not anything that dwell outside of them.  His choice was to continue to wipe us out or show us another way to get to him.  He choose to show us another way and that way was Jesus.

Now it is up to us, his chosen to do our job and rid the world of evil.  As long as we are able to put that task to others, we can avoid taking full responsibility ourselves.  We learn early in our existence, that we are God’s children and descendants to his throne but we must earn the right to sit in his presence and our only job is to protect the one true treasure he has blessed us with and that is our soul.  In order to do this, we must resist evil at all costs and at all times but still many of us don’t or won’t.  We would much rather sit back, commit evil acts and then blame God or others for the choices we make.  Sad to see that those who call themselves true Christians uses God’s words for our own gain then complain that life does not revolve around us or to the other extreme, we decide that there cannot be a God because of the evil that we do.

If we are truly under the illusion that God is supposed to do all this alone, then we must ask ourselves, why did he create us and why did he give us the same authority and power over evil that he gave to Jesus? 


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