The Ado about Clipper’s Owner Misses the Mark

So much has been said and written about the escapades and rants of the Los Angeles Clipper’s Owner, Donald Sterling.  About what he is alleged and admitted to saying which many have found quite offensive.  While the conversations are about the penalties imposed upon this owner and whether they are just or not, there is one major issue that seems to not be so important to talk about.

The ultimate sin reported to have been admitted to about this owner was adultery.  While racism and bigotry is a major thing and should always be exposed where ever it rears its ugly head, one should take care not to use these to overshadow something worse. 

I am very disappointed and dismayed by the lack of religious leaders making this point more often than it has.  It appears that many leaders have chosen to remain silent instead of using this opportunity to defend the position of Christ when it comes to sins being committed.  Many of them jumped on the band wagon of global warming and several more joined the chorus when gay marriage was prominent on the agenda but when it comes to the lifestyles of the rich and shameless, they stay quiet.  Just my opinion, I could be wrong and if so ME CULPA.


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