VA Secretary steps down but is Problem really fixed

Yesterday, VA Secretary of State Shinseki offered President Obama his resignation and the president accepted it.  He gave an elegant speech about how disloyal, distrusting and irresponsible the treatment of veterans were.  He apologized to veterans, their families and all of America.  So now I assume, those who screamed for his head can now relax and began looking for something else to scream about because none of those screaming ever made any attempt to help fix the problem.

Will the problem ever get fixed?  It will if the firings of those in charge take root and those coming after them know now that the mistreatment of veterans will never be tolerated.  It wills if those further down the line continue to stand up and step up to make known any questionable actions or policies that they believe will lead to the mistreatment of veterans.  It wills if congress stops looking at the letter before the name and start looking at the people behind the name.

Now I cannot answer for any other veteran because I do not possess that type of power or persuasion but as for this veteran let it be know that if I hear or see anything that I think is against my fellow veterans, those perpetrating this evil deed will have to endure 100 times their worst nightmare.  You were and will be trusted to take care of those who took care of you and if that is something you do not take seriously, then save yourself and don’t take the job.


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