The Answer to the Question of Where is all of the Good Men

Women of all stripes and sizes have often been heard asking the question of “where have all of the good men gone” and to my recollection there has been little to no real answer.  That was until now.

You want to know where the good men have gone; the real answer is that they have not gone at all.  The good man is the one who has always had your back regardless of whether the incident or event was of your own doing or not.  The good man is the one who answers your phone call each and every time you call and never ignores your plea for a friendly ear or a comfortable shoulder to lean on.  The good man is that diehard friend who has maintained contact with you throughout the years.  The good man is the one who listen when you talk, desires to hold you when you cry and suffers with you when you are in pain.  The good man is the one who tells you the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about everything even if they know that is not what you want to hear.  The good man is the one who takes you at your word until it is proven that your word is no good, and then gives you another chance to lie to them again.  The good man is the one who don’t mind changing his mind about something if your position makes better sense than his but refuses to change his mind just because you want or demand that he does so.  The good man is the one who still opens the doors for you, allows you to walk through first, defers to you when it comes to making certain decisions and stands guard when you need protecting.  The good man is the one who stands quiet while you are talking and will support you in public even if he disagrees.  This same good man will also make it a point to tell you when he thinks you are wrong but he will only do it in private.  The good man never defines roles for you because any role that you take is appreciated and if he is needed to perform any task, he is more than happy to do it because it brings a smile to your face and shows how much he really does care.  Bottom line a good man sees your true beauty whether it is early morning or late night.  Now that you have an idea what a good man is, let’s take a few minutes to discuss how to catch that good man.

You will never catch a good man by dressing provocatively.  A good man desire mystery in your history but if he can see all of your history in one or more glances, you cease to be of interest.  Classics and clear example is how many men who attend a boxing match can tell you what the almost naked lady looked like that carried around the rounds card after the match is over?  A good man does not get drawn to a woman who can’t conduct themselves as a lady because he closely relates a woman with that type of character as high maintenance.  A high maintenance woman is one that is extremely time consuming and leaves very little time for anything else.  To a good man, the time you spend with someone who makes you happy should not be consumed by doing all that he can to make her happy.  You will never have to do anything special to keep that good man’s interest because he finds interest in you whether you are setting your hair or setting the table. 

Let’s not get it confused, a good woman compliments a good man but if you are convinced that you must present yourself in any manner that compromises who you are as a person, you do nothing but diminish that good man and many good men, if not all of them, will not allow themselves to be diminished which may explain why you are wondering where they have gone.  Just my opinion, I could be wrong and if so ME CULPA.  


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