Emotional Motivation leads to Correctional Misapplications

Simply put, when we allow our emotions to spur us to make corrections to anything, we tend to travel to the extremes in order to do this.  There are millions if not billions of examples to prove this point and for the sake of brevity; we will only concentrate on two.

The example is gun control in which many of us seek a complete end to guns being available for purchase and the opposite believes that they should be able to own any kind of weapon that man makes.  Somewhere in the middle is a compromise that we all could support but those who believe strongly on either side of the aisle will exert all the strength necessary to prevail in this battle.  One side will go out of their way to make it difficult for even law-abiding citizens to possess a weapon.  The happy medium, having a longer wait on guns purchase anywhere which allows all to be checked and re-checked before a permit is issued.  The wait time is nothing a criminal is going to adhere to so he/she will have to seek other means of accruing a weapon.  This forces them to find and secure a seller willing to break the law to sell a firearm.  This also allows law enforcement to target those gun-runners and shut them down permanently.  It limits those who will be willing to sacrifice their freedom to sell to just anyone and with this limitations comes an even greater chance to locate, arrest and secure any other weapons which could later be turned into a man-made device with a body attached.

The next thing that I wish to bring everyone’s attention to is our court system.  For years the average American has been railroaded by those who happen to not only know the judge but actually hangs out or dines with them.  They gather all of their concocted documents and slip them in under more reasonable and legal papers, get the judges attention while he/she sits there and before you know it they have affixed their signatures and made that worthless piece of paper legal.  No one says anything and all complaints fall upon deaf ears until recently when the FISA Court recently can into view.  Now there are those who scream to high heaven how wrong it is to have only one side represented in a court of law and some have even gone as far as to have at least one individual stationed to at least pretend to be defending the other position but still no solution for the largest section of this nation.  In the judicial courts all over the land, lawyers can still tramps into court with their made up documents, claim that they have served the opposition to their favor and get their friend to sign and make it legal.  Think about it.  Have you ever received a summons to appear in civil or small claims court only to not have adequate time to prepare for a fight you did not even know was coming?  So while those who fought the FISA court battle may feel justified and righteous those of us who do not have the pedigree, status, influence or wealth must still have to deal with the biggest travesty of justice there has ever been. 

And people have to wonder why the loss of believing in equal justice, respect for those hired to defend that justice and the feeling of exclusion comes from.  Just my opinion, I could be wrong and if so ME CULPA. 


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