Has Comcast Cable gotten too big for their Britches?

Simply answer is yes and like all small businesses who finds fortune and grows into a very large corporation, they have also traded in those outstanding customer service representatives who got them to where they are for those who follow closely the corporate policies that says whatever we say is right and whatever we hear from customers are wrong.

I come to this conclusion after receiving a phone call from a Comcast representative who flat out admitted that they go by whatever is typed into their computer and even if you keep excellent notes of whom you spoke with, at what time you spoke with them, why and the results, if they do not match up with what information is on their system, it simply did not happen.  So my question is, this being the case at what point did the customer cease being a customer and became a pawn and slave of Comcast?

So that every American had a voice is one of the many reasons veterans like me were willing to and some did, die for and especially when it also applies to a 78 years old grandmother raising two of her grand kids trying to do nothing but make sure that they get every advantage to succeed as all other kids.  This conversation made me feel as if all that was sacrifice so that this arrogant agent could speak to people as if they were nothing more than the crap found on the bottom of her shoes and for that I began to wonder just who or what crawled up Comcast bonnet and made them ruler.  The answer came almost as fast as the question.  When you are the only game in town, you get this feeling that everyone has to dance to your music and follow your directions.  They do or they do not get to enjoy their pursuits of happiness.

It is not often that you will ever read anything I write that is promising anything but in this case you are.  Comcast Cable has just decided to disrespect the wrong person and family.  I say that because I am fully determined to cause change in that corporation even if I have to go as far as a class action lawsuit.  The style of pre-charging customers for services that they have not used then continuing to bill for those services even before that pre-selected month is over, running up the cost each month, refusing to help you find a less expensive service, promising reduced costs only to make it limited to one year and not advising you that the year is about to expire until after you have exceeded the limit and your charges has increased.

All that was truly required was a more honest bill that my mother could handle on a fixed income and instead of getting what was agreed to on the phone, we now know that half the things promised were never recorded nor entered into their system.  I think they chose the wrong person this time.  Just my opinion, I could be wrong and if so ME CULPA.


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