LeBron James’ Critics in Rare Form Today

An article from and Unknown Author and Publication reports that “LeBron James is opting out of his contract in part to threaten Pat Riley and the Miami Heat — “you need to upgrade this roster or else.  But that’s the thing about a threat; you can’t make it unless you are willing to follow through. You have to mean the “or else” part.  Does LeBron really mean it?  Maybe. Starting July 1 he is a free agent and you can bet 30 teams will make some kind of move to see if there is interest, but only a few have a real chance.”   It further reports that in order to get that upgrade “LeBron was threatening Pat Riley to upgrade but there is another key thing LeBron knows — Pat Riley couldn't upgrade unless he, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh all opted out and made a financial sacrifice. For example, if LeBron and Bosh take $17-$18 million a year and Pat Riley can convince the aging Wade that he will get more money long term if he signs for four years, $48 million (he gets $7 million more guaranteed) then Riley would be roughly $9 million under the cap (counting place holders) and he could chase a couple quality free agents plus have his mid-level exception to spend. The Heat could bring in talent that would help. ”

Now comes the LeBron critics who say many things negative about this story the one thing is the selfish act of threatening Pat Riley, too bad they did not try to get the entire story and learn that he had agreed to take less money before to reinforce the team and that he and Pat Riley have that kind of relationship where they can speak frankly with each other and still maintain that mutual respect that all people demand and pray for. 

Consider this, the Miami Heat knows that right now they are up against the salary cap so the Big Three opt out to re-sign and bring in the talent necessary to find those players who can keep a lead or close the gap of a lead while they rest.  To be willing to give up a large salary for wins and more rings, could this not be a sign that James, Wade and Bosh really do have the interest at heart.  Did this not happen during the Michael Jordan era when he and Scottie Pippen were asked to take a reduction in order to shore up the team?  Just my opinion, I could be wrong and if so ME CULPA.


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