Sergeant’s Release from Taliban Control Exposes Hypocrisy all around

The news of Army Sergeant Bowie Bergdahl exposes mixed emotions for me as a former member of the military.  It also creates lots of questions not only for those responsible for his release but for the choices made that caused his capture and it especially compels me to slap the media for how they are about the manipulated this news to gain them more viewers and page viewers instead of just trying to report the truth.

My first is the choice Sgt Bergdahl made to join the Taliban.  I say join because unless you were experiencing a “Gandhi” moment and thought just your very presence would make the relationship between Americans and the natives better, leaving the camp with just a compass and a bottle of water makes no other sense.  Once you were there and found that what you were hoping to maybe accomplishing was to no avail, where are the bruises and injuries from trying to escape during your capture for all those years?  I see no evidence that you made any attempt to remove yourself from that situation and barring that, I can only assume that you truly wanted to be there.

My next question is for all those lawmakers who will break their necks trying to get to the nearest camera to express their disapproval of this move by the Obama Administration, not because they truly believe in this disapproval but simply because it is the Obama Administration.  My question is do they think this would have been possible if those in GITMO had been transferred to a max prison like the Obama Administration wanted to do in the beginning?  And of all those who should hide from all cameras about this exchange, John McCain should be the last to talk.  He was traded for like a professional athlete or has that been forgotten?
My third question is to the father of Sergeant Bergdahl who stated that “he understands his son wanted to help the Afghanistan people”.  I would like to know exactly what he meant by that.  Is he in possession of knowledge that the rest of us don’t have?  Did he have a conversation with his son about his intentions before he left the camp but neglected to tell anyone who might have needed to know?  What about those soldiers that he was in charge of leading, did he consider them before venturing over to the other side?  So many questions that probably will never be asked of answered because the controversy is what the media seeks to sell their wares and just finding out the truth is not top on their list.

My fourth and final question is for the American public especially those who see trading for Sergeant Bergdahl as a mistake.  First, I share a silent concern that we just traded for a terrorist sleeper but on the other hand are we not a country that prides itself on leaving no American behind and if that is the case, trading for him was the only way to go?   We left so many behind before and there are still families broken because of it.  Can’t remember or do you doubt it, how about this Vietnam anyone?  Just my opinion, I could be wrong and if so ME CULPA.


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