The Hypocrisy of Religion

You tell us to have faith that God will take care of all for us and never seek revenge because vengeance is the mine saith the Lord but you gather an armory of all types of weapons, support gun laws that say it is alright to kill and swear by the firearm you carry all while claiming to be the ultimate Christian.  How can that be true on its face when your own actions contradict it?  If you truly believed in what you preach, what you teach and what you claim, why do you walk around armed, lock your doors and hire security for your churches?  If you truly believed what you want so many of us to believe then why not leave the safety of you and your family to God.

People often wonder why preacher’s kids, lawyers’ kids, those who come from wealthy families and even those unfamiliar sects like the Amish are shrinking and often act worse than those hailing from poor families.  Well wonder no more because it all comes from seeing the hypocrisy first-hand.  Imagine seeing your parents being lauded upon as if they were rock stars and seeing people hanging on their every word only to see a completely different person living in the same house.  The group who says that God loves everyone and that we should never judge but after the lights dim and the camera is cut off, they do nothing but judge and spew hatred about one group or another.  Imagining living with that hypocrisy day in and day out.  Finally you get a chance to escape and you make a choice, leave or stay.  If you leave then you might have a chance at growing up and becoming the type of person you thought your parents were or you stay and become them. 
This is especially true for those who call themselves residing in the “Bible Belt” where they say we should hate gays, deny others the right to vote, tell a woman what she can do with her body while proclaiming to be the most religious of all people but don’t step foot upon their property without being invited because they are also well known for shooting first and asking questions later or pushing military involvement in every instance.  Can you not now see the damage you do to your own family?  Gays are not causing the breakup of the “American Family” you are with all your hypocrisy, get a clue.

And not let us forget about those preachers, teachers and leaders who now openly invite Satan into their churches by asking for money that they say belongs to God when even Jesus himself said that it didn’t.  They think having picnics, bake sales, praise dancing and yes even weddings and funerals upon church grounds are a good thing.  Jesus said that the “his father’s house” was strictly for the service of God and nothing else and the Bible tells us that marriage is not a God thing but a man thing so how who do you truly believe?

Our hypocrisy is what is allowing Satan to get such a grip on our lives and why we are losing so much control of our very soul.  It has nothing to do with any other race, creed, color, sex or religion.  It all rests with us and it’s time to stop with the blame game and take responsibility for what you do or don’t do.  It’s time to own your choices and start holding ourselves accountable.  Parents who send their kids to any place that they know is not performing as they should are just as guilty as those who are there not performing.  Stop blaming the lack of education upon teachers because you as a parent are a teacher too.


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