War Mongers and Middle East Experts get it wrong again

I’m continually amazed at the arrogance of media members who seem to run straight to people like John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Marco Rubio, Billy Crystal, and John Bolton and of course Dick Cheney when it comes to questions about foreign policy.  I’m amazed because I used to think that smart people do not continue to do the same dumb things over and over again but it appears that I am wrong or those I thought were smart is not so smart.

When it comes to the unrest in Iraq, many of those now experts who get paid to spew their crap on the airwaves and in front of TV cameras say that the main reason it is happening is because America “walked away” after creating this through occupation.  How many bricks must fall upon our heads before we figure out to move because the building is collapsing?  Now Joe Lieberman is penning an Op Ed in the paper to say that the same will happen in Afghanistan.  They offer criticism but no solutions except keeping military there knowing full well that none of them will be sacrificing their lives, health and dodging one bullet as they sit in their comfortable chairs in front of cameras.  Those who use the excuse that they just came back from there just came back from a base which was totally secured and never once ventured out to the front lines where bullets are delivered more often than the mail.  They talked to those with not having to worry about their life being in danger.  This is the case because those there know that they are coming and arraignments have been made to make sure that they stay safe.  What they see and who they visit is nowhere near the true “danger zones”.  To be honest, the embed journalist are in more danger than those politicians who claim that they know because they just came back.

What we all should know is history tells us that every single time, a war is begun and ended; there is a time where those remaining will fight for that elusive control knob.  Check your history books people and you will find that it happens every time, so why are we confused and surprised that it is happening now.  Could it be because we are simply brain-dead, we want to pretend that it never happened before or it’s all about the money?  Either way, we all need to look closely at those who keep crying for military intervention and see them that do this as those who will not be sacrificing anything for it.  They appear to not even sacrificing their reputations because these same people got it so wrong the first time and still are being chased down by media to offer their expert opinion.  Out of all those mentioned above, I think that the only one who truly risk anything is John McCain because it is well known of his history but continuing to toot the “let’s go to war” horn may be slowly killing that.  Just my opinion, I could be wrong and if so ME CULPA.


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