How Misguided Religion has corrupted our Country, Our Politics and Our World

The battle of religious freedom and liberty rages on currently and both sides have seemed too staked out their positions, each proclaiming that their side is more righteous than the other.  Depending on whom you talk to, you may be able to see and understand the justification of each but as evil would have it; you will be the only one.  There shall never be a true “meeting of the minds” because if that is the case then the war would end and evil loses when there is not a war to fight.  So ask yourselves, all of you highly educated individuals, why is it so important for evil to have us all at war with each other?  Is it to drive us toward a better understanding of each other or could it be to drive us directly to him?  Evil creates division simply because it can and gets a serious treat out of seeing the very rulers over him, stumble all over each other because we are not yet smart enough to be able to recognize which rules are truly of God and which ones only appear that way because that is the way he wants them to look.  Evil shall take many different forms and some of those forms will be those you most trust, rely on and place highest on your priority lists.  Why would these be the souls he wishes to inhabit, because of all of the intelligent angels that surround God, evil has always been in the top three and because he so loves to stick it to God every chance he gets, he now has full range to tempt us as often, as harshly and as intently as he wish.  With all this, yet one thing stands very clear, at any time at any place we can caste him out and we can exercise the authority and power we have over him.  The question then becomes, are we man or woman enough to do it or we still hiding under momma’s skirt.  Take for example, the history and please think closely about that history because we all know that it will repeat as long as we fail to learn from it.  Let’s look at the history and then ask yourself this question.  Is history repeating itself?

Let’s began with the major topic in all so-called Christian circles right now and that is gay marriage.  Many of our experts use the joining of Adam and Eve as an example of marriage being between a man and a woman but help me find the passage in that same time where the Bible tells us about the marriage ceremony.  What, you mean there wasn’t one, will how about that.  Some of our experts uses the passage in the Bible where it states that homosexuality is an abominations and an affront to God but help me to understand that the very person who stated those words were a mortal named Moses and did not even Moses say that one comes after me that will have more authority and will be called the Son of God.  What, you mean ignore those words of Moses but cling tightly to every other word that he uttered because we all know that Moses was more important than Jesus right, will, what no response?  Some of our experts use the passage in the Bible where it mentions that a man shall leave his mother and father and join his wife where the two souls shall become one but help me to understand why we think wife is actually a woman?  Also got another question along this same line.  If marriage is of God and not simply evil’s way of getting so many caught up in his trap, then can someone tell me why Paul, one of God and Jesus most trusted wrote in that very same book called the Bible that it is okay never to marry because he himself never did?  If marriage was truly of God and his will then wouldn’t Paul had followed the rule of God?  Man has always followed evil and taken God’s words and twisted them to suit themselves so this is nothing new regarding what is happening today and for those who still haven’t figured it out, history will repeat over and over again until you do.  Good luck with that.

Oh, one more thing before I go and still holding to the title of this piece.  In the 1800"s, I think somewhere in the 1830"s, there was a crime being committed but it was not categorized as a crime then.  They call it seduction and today we call it rape.  Men was allowed to get away with it but when it came to women, they were quickly branded with that scarlet letter and deemed unworthy of marriage because they had to be a virgin on their wedding night.  Now as rape, we know that very few asked for that to happened to them but imagine being shunned by family and friends because some guy thought his desires were more important than yours and could care less about the results for you only seeing the results for himself.  Tell me, does this sound like something evil would hid in the corner and giggle about?  No doubt, those who know take this idea about a virgin from the Virgin Mary and their idea of purity.  Making it even harder for those who wish to be right in God’s eyes to get right.  Even after the laws passed, holding men accountable for the degradation of another human being, we still today, question more the victim of rape/seduction than we do the offender.  If this sounds familiar, remember history will repeat until you learn, are you learning now?

One more thing, see the wars, conflicts, skirmishes and battles happening all over the world?  Think all these things are a coincident?  Make no mistake, it is a plan made by evil so very long ago and it plays out each and every cycle.  Experts speak of Armageddon and the end of days so people throw caution to the wind and their hands up in the air.  Poor fools, because this planet and all other planets in this universe as well as all the others have been around for a very long time and long after we all expire both in the flesh and in the spirit, it shall remain.  People now commit atrocities in the name of religion because it is the only true defense that they think exist.  Take someone’s life as you know you do not have God’s authority to do and pay the penance for it but avoid looking like a murderer by claiming to have taken that life in the name of your God.  People I ask you, does any of this sound familiar and if it does, what, if anything, have you learned?  Can we say that we will try and do better or can we actually stop talking about doing better and just do it or am I asking too much?


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