Beware America of the Satanic Excuse that hides itself within the title of Religious Freedom

Governor Mike Pence of Indiana and the Indiana State Legislature opened a very large Pandora box when they secretly pass their Religious Freedom Restoration Bill, thinking that they would be successful is cloaking it with the label of religion hoping that no one would notice or even care.  The governor stated as early as yesterday that this bill would not give any business the right to deny service to anyone proving that no man or woman will ever have the power or authority to direct, corral or control another.  Case in point.

This article by Inae Oh for Mother Jones Magazine titled “Indiana Pizzeria Says It Will Deny Service to LGBT People” In it the operator of this business clearly tells us a different story.  It reports that “Catering pizza to your wedding guests might sound unconventional, but it does happen. Oh, does it happen.  But if you're gay and in Indiana, don't call Memories Pizzeria in Walkerton: They won't help you make your wedding memories. The owners of the family-run business say it will refuse to serve slices to gay or lesbian weddings, joining a chorus of those who cite opposition to marriage equality in support of their state's controversial Religious Freedom Restoration Act.  Crystal O'Connor, who runs the business, told local news outlet ABC57, "If a gay couple came in and wanted us to provide pizzas for their wedding, we would have to say no," because it was not reflective of their Christian values”.

I will not stand idly by and allow idiots to define religious values based on nothing other than their personal values and is nowhere close to the values Jesus set for us as he walked this earth so very long ago.  Jesus did not cater to his own kind while he was here.  He catered to all.  Jesus did not just feed his own kind, he fed them all.  He was murdered by people who now claim religious freedom as a reason to deny another human being their truth because they do not share that truth.  The people that you read about, learn about and hear about today, who would rather turn their backs on another human being because they are gay and then claim religion behind it are of the very same kind that hung Jesus upon on the cross.  Make no mistake about it people, they are the same.  Why, for the very same reason those who claimed religious freedom then claim it now.  Jesus ate with those whom they said was not clean.  Jesus disciples did not wash their hands before they ate which to them made them unclean.  Jesus himself, caste out demons not by using their idea of how it should be done which violated their rules.  When Jesus informed him that he was the Son of God, they laughed because they knew that only those from a specific tribe or family line are the one and only true priests.  They knew that they were right in their assertion that what they believed is God’s truth and how they lived was God’s way and any other truth or way was against their religious freedom and had to be stomped out.  They knew this until that moment as the last breath of life left the body of Jesus and the skies turned dark and the heavens roared.

We are following the very same path right now.  When we attempt to tell anyone that how they choose to live their lives are a violation of our religious freedoms, we are following the path of no God but obviously pure evil.  Religious freedom is designed so that we will all be free to worship our Lord and God in any way we wish and shall not be hung on the cross because of it.  That is what religious freedom is.  Religious freedom was designed so that any man-made law which kept me from exercising my right to serve and worship shall not stand and I shall not be infringed upon because of it.  That is what religious freedom is.  Religious freedom is not and never will be my right to force my truth, my idea, my belief down the throats of anyone who may see things differently even if man-made laws say so.  If you own a business and decide not to serve gays then so be it, it is your choice and no law should be made to force you to but no law shall also be made to give you an excuse either.  You cannot and are not a Christian if you choose to deny anyone their truth because it conflicts with yours.

God tried several times to wipe evil from the face of the earth before realizing that evil is necessary to recognize good.  Remember Noah’s Ark or the Walls of Jericho?  He learned that even he needed to find another way to allow all his children, each and every one of us, another option and that option was his son.  If God could not rid this world of evil, what makes man think that they can by enacting laws?  The only real law we need is the law of treating others as you wish to be treated and allowing those who choose to follow Satan the option of returning to God’s grace if they so choose.  You don’t wish to serve others because they are gay, okay because there are places that will and those are the businesses which will thrive and survive.  Just make sure that long after all those who claimed to ride with you have abandoned you and the eventual and inevitable closing of your business has come to pass, gays will not be the reason and those you seek to blame because after all you got exactly what you wanted.


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