Three Reasons why America’s Economy is not growing as fast as it could

I have been searching to a better way to write this but noting comes to mind so instead of racking my brain trying to come up with a much more digestible way to word this, I am going to just say it.

Some wishes you to believe that the economy of America is not coming back and they cite so many reasons as to why.  Some wishes you to believe that the economy of America is coming back and they also cite so many reasons why but to every single unemployed person in America and for those struggling to make ends meet, both sides seem to be talking out of the sides of their necks.  Many wish to pinpoint the problem so that it may be addressed and others wish to blame the lack of jobs as a reason for the riots in Baltimore and the over-all feeling of disenfranchisement felt by the majority of those.  I think the culprit is simply three and as long as the power to decide are left in the control of them, this economy whether coming back or not will never each the apex of what it could be.

The three main reasons are Transunion, Equifax and Experian.  That’s right you heard me correctly because at what point is a man’s worth ever truly measured by a mathematical algorithm?  Creativity is stifled because of the need to fund those revolutionary ideas but those who currently control who is worthy of that funding and who is not is based on where those numbers within that calculation are placed.  You can work very hard to nurture your credit scores but even if you wake up that morning with a 700 credit score, you could go to bed that same night with a 640 credit score.  So your search for funding at a rate you can afford and one which you cannot see immediately default is all for nothing because once you wake up the next day and have made a decision, the only true American measurement of you and your idea has dropped below a certain number and is no longer viable. 

Now you must scramble to keep your idea in front of those who had expressed an interest and find out exactly what happened.  Because the placement of those numbers would make even Albert Einstein scratch his head, there is no way it can be explained for you to understand, so another good idea gone by the wayside or someone whom you may have spoken with, picks up on it and because Transunion, Experian and Equifax see them as worthy, runs with your concept.  Just another reason to hate another person, entity or organization and no way to regain your intellectual property because backing them up is the law which says you had to perform a few certain acts to even challenge.

I will never understand why we think any man or woman id best judged as whether they are worth anything or not based on a system that doesn’t even know that person.  I am judged by a group of numbers created to make business decisions for those who can’t make them for themselves that couldn’t pick me out of line up even if I was the only one standing there.  There used to be a time where fresh new ideas was abundant and there were constant improvements on existing products or completely new products that answered a need many of us didn’t even know we had.  Those days seemed to be no more because today 720 credit scores are what lenders and funders are looking for but tomorrow, no one knows.  Four months ago, 620 credit scores were needed to get a VA mortgage loan, today you need 720 and tomorrow, God only knows, so what do you tell a veteran who was willing to give up their life for this nation?  You tell then that while they were important to helping you achieve your dream of making it to the level that you now find yourself, they are not worthy.  This may explain why so many openings for scammers, tricksters and con-men have been left to fill and why businesses that rule now only grow after acquiring another because there are no new ideas are emerging. 


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