The Differences between a False Prophet and a False Person

In order to truly understand my purpose in penning this article is to first understand my definition of what a false prophet and a false person is.  A false prophet is one who claims to be all about religion and the lessons of the New Testament while doing nothing but providing those who wish to be atheists the best evidence in the world to never believe.  A false person is one who goes about their daily lives looking to be whatever the situation calls for in order to avoid being detected as false.  Now before we go any further, you need to know that my definition of these types of people may not be yours and that is alright because we all must be left to choose our own destiny and make our own choices.  All that I ask are you learning to respect another person’s truth even if it is and may never be yours.  Nothing says you ever have to agree with it nor do you have to support it but only an unsure person will refuse to respect it.

There are but two major differences are the false prophet and the false person and in some instances, they can be one and the same but never always.  A false prophet is easily spotted because he or she is the one who tends to tell anyone willing to listen what God likes and don’t like.  They can tell you who can go to heaven and who will go to hell.  They can forgive your sins and tell you how you should live.  False prophet can often times quote Bible verses by memory and may even make a very compelling point as to why you should not believe anyone or anything but them and what comes out of their mouths.  False prophets will always have the answers and make the claim that they are always one step above you when it comes to who may be closer to God.  Bottom line a false prophet is literally full of him or she and a very wise person would be smart to recognize this for exactly what it is.  A choice of which way you wish your life to go because even though they may be a false prophet, does not mean that you too must also become a false person.

A false person is one who seems to be able to make themselves into anything or anyone that the current situation calls for.  A person who refuses to be themselves because for some reason they are unsure or shame of who they think that they are.  This is often brought about at an early age when those whom you trusted the most tell you what kind of person you are before you even have the slightest clue.  A false person will expect to act and react in ways to prove this lie, not once considering that the only real clue to who you are is who you choose to be.  It is easier for a false person to become a false prophet because they already see themselves as lacking and anything to substitute them learning more about themselves seems much more comfortable.  A false person never allows them to learn more about the most important person that they will ever meet and that is they.  They never wish to think that the most interesting person is not the ones you see at work or on television but that very person that appears within your mirror each and every time you walk by it.

Make no mistake, the false prophet will pay the price for adding those bricks that make anyone’s home unsteady and they will answer for each and every lie that they tell in order to lead you to finally giving in to pure evil but even with all that.  A false prophet is not the worst of the two.  Believe it or not, the false person is the most deadly of the crew.  It is the most deadly because it is the individual who determines their end result so if you go through life not truly knowing who you are, then you can never control where you will go but that is not even close to the worst of it.  The worst of it is the denial of all those that they will come in contact with of the pleasure, joy and blessing of others getting to know the real person and becoming a much better person because of it.


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