The only mistake God has ever made is the same one we keep making today

One often wonders why this world is seemingly to be going to hell in a hand basket and depending on whom you ask you might get several interpretations as to why.  Well, let it be said that I am not above spouting my simple little opinion on that subject as well.  Now fair warning, to some this may appear offensive and if so then may I remind you that we all have a right to our opinion even if those opinions may not be right.  For some this will make you think and if it does then my task is complete because the worst thing ever in this world can those God has placed to protect all that he has built do is not think for ourselves.

In my opinion, God made one and only one mistake coming in the form of the Old Testament.  Taking the lessons learned there by the ultimate creator, we need to learn that even the biggest and the brightest star can shine a little dim every once in a while.  Now don’t get it twisted, God is never in a habit of making mistakes but because this was his first attempt at creating beings in his own images there were bound to be a few glitches.  God began this experiment by attempting to regulate morality within the Old Testament.  Don’t believe me, just pick up the Bible and read it for yourself. 

The Old Testament is more about how one must live in order to remain pleasing to God and the consequences of anyone stepping out of line.  Pharisees and Sadducees became rich in earthly good because they were supposed to be the “go-between” or buffer between God and man.  They were paid handsomely for their counsel and stood closely next too all of the rulers and kings.  Time elapsed and changes occurred but one thing remained and that is preachers, pastors and many religious leaders made their bones on the fire and brimstone type of preaching.  They used to bring in the people from all over the place to listen to them pontificate and the money left in those collection plates bought those preaches, pastors and many religious leaders all the gold, expensive homes and cars that it could buy.  So now you should be able to understand how hard it is for those who say that they are the ultimate example of how you should live and what you need to do to remain pleasing to God, to follow God’s example and admit to his mistake then correct it.  God attempted to regulate morality in the Old Testament then later recognizing that mistake, he then send his son here to earth to experience what it was man was enduring and together they created a new plan sealed by the very blood of the man to deliver it.  This new plan is called the New Testament.  Think I am lying, pick up your Bible and read it for yourself, I dare you.

You see God found that regardless of the power you have or the amount of influence you possess, no one will ever be able to regulate morality and he was wise enough to correct that.  Human beings on the other hand, are a completely different story.  We find it hard to admit our mistakes even though the mistakes of others seem so very clear to us.  Funny how that works.  We want to control how people should live according to us and when they don’t we seek ways to justify playing God.  We seek laws that are supposed to protect us from the prying eyes of a justice system we created.  We seek laws that will make us feel better about ourselves while we trample all over the rights of others and all this bravado is tagged as God’s will.  The truly sad part of all this, is even though we are supposed to be a bunch of intelligent people, many of us are still too dumb and fall for this lie each and every time.

Bottom line, leave regulations over morality out of the equation.  If you wish to tell people what happens to them if they commit a crime, then so be it.  If you wish to inform citizens how best to vote or shop or treat people then that’s fine too but when you began to demand that people act as you think they should because of some man-made title or this fixation with being a legend in your own mind, you have gone way too far.  Will we ever learn the lessons left to us from God and correct this mistake or will be keep covering up taking responsibility for our actions and allowing satan/evil to keep leading us by the nose?  Knowing human beings as well as I do, unfortunately I must vote for being having our nostrils stretched, what you think?


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