New Kansas Law Signing proves GOP out of Ideas?

With all of the major issues facing Americans from all over the United States, it appears that the Grand Ole Party is more concerned with prohibiting activities that are already prohibited in currently existing legislation.  Now could this be because this action is much more important than the state budget problems, the unemployment problem or the lack of job creation by these same GOP heroes or could it be because they are clearly out of ideas of how to govern because much of the ideas that they come up with seems more juvenile than adult? 

In a story by the Associated Press titled “New Kansas Law Limits Spending of Welfare Benefits on Concerts, Pools, and Lingerie”, it is reported that “a new Kansas law tells poor families that they can't use cash assistance from the state to attend concerts, go swimming, get tattoos, see a psychic or buy lingerie. The list of don'ts runs to several dozen items.  Many of the spending restrictions in the law already existed in state policy. Brownback said the list, which is a part of a broader welfare law taking affect July 1, is aimed at moving poor families from social services into jobs. "I think it is important that every chance we get we encourage people to get back into the marketplace, get back into the job market," he said.”

The only problem with that is the inability of those elected to fix Kansas’ job problem are spending their time passing legislation like this or other restrictive and exclusive legislation instead of creating an atmosphere where businesses would love to locate in their respectful states.  I guess as long as voters keep hiring those who are content to make millions doing nothing, those elected will keep doing it.  


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