Are the Myth of Hell and the Power of Satan Over-exaggerated?

If any of you are a frequent reader of mine and a listener to my Twist of Faith episodes, you have probably figured out that I love to make people think about things by presenting them in a way that may answer some questions but inspire others.  For me, I have always been a little unfulfilled by the speeches and lectures of the Christian religion and in the beginning I was always wondering if it wasn’t just me because it appeared that everyone else was okay with it.  Only after surviving these fifty plus years and learning everything that I could about anything that I could have I come to realize that questioning the status quo is a good thing as long as you are willing to accept the answers you find.  This desire to question was sparked when a friend of mine posted this saying on Facebook.  “I live for the moment the Lord knows I'm going to die when I get to hell the Lord knows I'm going to fry”.  Just those few words got me to thinking that maybe what we have been told all these years were not even close to the truth and the place we call hell does not really exists because many of us have already discovered that the “all-powerful” satan is nothing more than a spoiled first child whose power to control others can only be exercised on those who allow him to have that power.  In other words, I’m asking you all to consider the following.

What if the hell we speak so much about is what we are enduring right now on earth or any of the other planets because it is filled with nothing but pain and suffering?  Each day we struggle to make sense out of the senseless and find a way to navigate this thing we call life.  Each day there are times where we think we have found the answer but as soon as we think that, something happens to make us even doubt our own sanity.  What if this is hell and the fire that is spoken about is the fire that consumes us daily in the form of sin.  We know that the Bible tells us that “for the wages of sin is death” so therefore this man-made body will eventually wear out and we will die an earthly death. 

We should also know by now that an earthly death is not the end but the beginning because now our true self is free to soar and eternal life means that our true self, the spirit, could be granted to last an eternity free of this hell and finally not only free of sin but actually sin-free.  What if the death of the spirit that the Bible talks about being the end is when God passes final judgement and condemns our soul/spirit to hell which means we come back and is re-captured by a man-made body to go through this crap all over again.  Maybe we keep repeating this cycle of having an earthy death, then getting sentenced back to hell because we failed to follow the footsteps of Jesus the first couple of times we were here.  Maybe the truly bad and mean souls are those who just can’t seem to get it right and win that eternal life so they have to be punished by coming back until they get it right and those so sweet and righteous have figured it out and is trying to make sure that this is the last time they lose out.  Just a thought, I could be wrong.


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