Is it true that God does not care if today’s Religious Leaders are rich?

There is a really good reason why you sometimes find yourself scratching your head when you hear any religious leaders say something that you feel is incorrect or just plain wrong.  We tend to forget that the same reasoning used by them to justify not trusting any other religion besides the one that they are pushing is that it is a religion not of God and the quoted scriptures of those books are simply words written by a man.  They seem to wish us to believe that only those who can quote book, chapter and verse of certain passages are expert and especially if they were awarded a certificate or diploma from some school that specializes in religious teachings but we know that even satan, himself, could quote the Bible.

One of the many lies some religious leaders wishes us to believe is that God is okay with them being rich in material things and not in deeds but as with many other things, you know deep within your soul that this is wrong when you hear it but because so many have refused to question or do any kind of research whatsoever to discover what is written, we sit idly by and just let this and so many other untruths go by.  This is not the defense that God has asked of us.  He asks us to defend him as he defends us and if we cannot then come our judgment day, Jesus will also refuse to defend us in the presence of the father.  Maybe you had an excuse before but after reading this, your excuse is no more because we are going to answer that question and provide you with the appropriate response next time you hear any religious leader who worries more about the amount of money you put into the collection plate than he/she does about the good deeds you perform in your community.

Now before we do this, however, we must also dispel this myth of one religion being above another because it does not matter how you serve, what name you call him by or what procedures that you use, what only really matters is that you serve and your service does not infringe upon the rights of another.  The first excuse was that all other text was written by man and here is truly where the wheels fall of the wagon.  Before Paul was Paul, he was called Saul.  Saul was a hitman for kings whose primary job was to hunt down, Jesus disciples and his followers to convince them to not follow the example Jesus was setting while he was here on earth as a man, in any form he chose which is some cases were murder.  It was not until Saul was met on the road by one of God’s angels during one of his trips that he saw the light and changed his ways along with his name.  Saul/Paul then dedicated his life to God and from that point on was quite instrumental in explaining God’s goodness and is now credited with writing many of the Books of the Bible in the New Testament. 

To quote Paul it is written in in 1st Timothy Chapter 3 verse 3 which says in part a pastor “must be gentle and kind, and not be one who loves money”.  So the next time your pastor or your place of worship put more emphasis on how much you put in the collection plates instead of how much good you do in the community, you may wish to remind them of this and be willing to defend God as he defends you.  If they choose not to change then you might wish to consider picking up whatever is yours and find another place to worship because staying signifies that you condone or agree with their decision.  


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