State Agency tasked with protecting Children fails again at keeping them safe

Talk to any Child Protective Service employee and they will without a doubt proclaim that they are the true protector of America’s children.  They are allowed to proceed into your home based on a single unanimous phone call, snatch your children from the only home that they have ever known, rip up the only security blanket a growing child has and tear apart a family because they are the experts in child development and even though many cases are unfounded or the evidence found would not honestly convict a fly, they remain vigilant in their pursuit of their rights versus all others.  The courts refuse to administer equal justice simply based on the position and title of those representing these agencies and any defense against their sometimes wild and outlandish accusations is the defense you must provide for yourself because those provided by the courts are merely pawns and normally have little to no backbone when it comes to proper and accurate presentation of your side of the story.  Resource less families stand quietly by and watch the child that they gave birth to or is currently raising taken on a trip aboard the USS We Know Better Than You captained by Child Protective Services and all that they can do is watch from the docks as it steams away.  It used to be said that at least with Child Protective Services your child will be safe but even that final nugget of hope is being destroyed and now being found to only be fool’s gold.

An article titled “Daily checks underway at Illinois facility where teen died” posted on WREX dot com from the Associated Press reports that “Illinois Department of Children and Family Services investigators are making daily visits to a residential facility for troubled youths where a teenager recently died.  DCFS spokeswoman Veronica Resa told the Daily Herald that the agency also brought in a team from the University of Illinois at Chicago to ensure policies and procedures are followed at the Allendale Association facility in Lake Villa outside Chicago.  Two men working at the facility were charged last week in connection with the asphyxiation death of 16-year-old Shaquan Allen of Chicago. Police say the two men briefly struggled with the boy while responding to what authorities called a behavioral issue. An autopsy found the boy died of asphyxia due to restraint.  The teen's mother says he had been at Allendale for three years.

Regardless of why the teen was there and the fact that he had been there for three years, the ultimate subject is the failure of an agency who tats their ability to know what is best for a child more than a parent or guardian places these children in imminent danger and is not held accountable as they often seek to have those same parents held to those standards.  Maybe Child Protective Service was correct in removing the child over three years ago and maybe the parent or guardian forgot what the most important job any person, parent or guardian could ever hope to add to their resume and that is raising a child or children but all that being the case, did not they also have an obligation to keep these children safe from those within their own organization or affiliations?  Did they not owe that to the families that they ripped the kid from, did they not owe it to themselves in attempting to safeguard this nation’s children and did they not owe it to themselves for continuing to be proud of the purpose for which Child Protective Service was created for in the first place?


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