Children begin to learn hate at home but it continues within our Churches

Find me anyone who disagrees with this title and allow me to have a conversation with them, before long you will see clear and convincing evidence that this is more than just pure speculation, it is fact.  It will begin, as all things normally do, as a frank debate and civil discussion but soon it will elevate to personal attacks and in some cases violence because one of those speaking will run out of defenses for their indefensible behavior and resort to that tried and true method of dismissing, ignoring and cowardly act which is violence.  Begin to notice people, that those who turn to personal attacks do so because reasonable retorts to opposition of ideas are no longer available to them.

To watch children play proves that they do not care what color that other child is as long as they play nice.  They do not care about color as long as the other child treats them with respect and as a friend.  They do not care unless they have reason to care and that reason is normally dictated by parents, guardians or caretakers first.  Test this theory if you wish, speak ill about someone you hang with around your child more than once, then when that person is around bring the child in and watch what happens.  The child’s actions are the direct results of what they heard you say or do so if you wish to raise a respectful child, you need to adopt the respectful gene yourself.  What makes me say that it continues in our churches was made plain just yesterday, April 26, 2016.

Brad Takei posted a depiction on Facebook of a White male, white female and white female child throwing rocks and the caption from the little girl is “God told us to hate you”  The title of the piece is “It’s not prejudice if you call it religion”  and it is signed 2015 Betty  Now let’s not get it twisted, just because the picture featured white people or possibly a family, let’s not assume that this is the actions that only white people portray.  This action is played out in more homes around America and all the other countries in all races of family.  Pretend if you wish, that this only happens in certain races families and you are fooling yourself.

The teaching of hatred, prejudice and bigotry continues within our churches because this is what is preached within those walls.  For anyone to stand in front of a group claiming to be Christians and following the footsteps of Jesus to demean, belittle or bemoan any group or person instead of include them into God’s family is teaching all those sitting in the congregation to hate especially the children.  In order to truly know if one religion is better than the next, you must be able to prove this is so.  Jesus sat down with those considered righteous just like he ate with those considered unrighteous.  Jesus welcomed all into the embrace of the father and only those who chose to ignore his welcome and continue to sin was left alone but they were never left out.  We teach exclusion in our churches and therefore we teach hate and prejudice.  Prejudice is defined as a "preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience" and since we have never had a face to face conversation with God to know for sure if he favors Jews over Gentiles; Christians over Muslims; or Baptist over Buddhism are we not prejudice when we claim one religion over another? Would then this make religion prejudice?  A place of God is supposed to be a place where all are welcomed and as long as we choose not to honor the will of the Lord, we must then be willing to understand why anything man-made is not of God.


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