Graveyard Bullies and Adrenaline Junkies releases another demon spirit upon the world

Sometimes a story comes along that makes me see so many different avenues of what it may truly mean that I sometimes don’t know exactly how to phrase them and then comes a story that seems to encompass all of them at the same time.  This is one such story and it comes via an article titled “Police chase ending near Route 38, I-39 ends in suspect suicide” posted by Audrey Moon on WREX dot com.  She reports that “The Illinois State Police and the Ogle County Sheriff's Department say a suspect committed suicide after a police chase stemming from a car-jacking that ended at Route 38 and Interstate 39 near Rochelle in Ogle County.  Officials say DeKalb Police saw a vehicle stolen in an armed car-jacking traveling on Route 38. Police pursued the vehicle westbound on 38 until the vehicle was initially stopped with vehicle stop-sticks.  However, the suspect continued to drive, leaving the highway and stopping in a nearby field. Police say the suspect then shot himself.  Officials are not releasing any additional information at this time”.     

At first glance, one may assume that this suspect was caught red-handed and did not wish to go to jail so he took the coward’s way out and killed himself while others may question whether he actually kill himself or was killed by the on-scene cops and it is being covered up.  Still there may be others who say that high speed chases are best left to the stunt drivers of Hollywood and for those who can safely create a John Woo special and of course let us not forget those who say that the suspect got what he deserved and if they had been there they would have done so much more.  All these voices have the freedom to have their say and I would not wish to have that right infringed upon or taken away but there are a few more points to this story that I wish to share with all my readers right now.  These points may seem a little unorthodox or strange but before you make up your mind consider them carefully please.

Every single bad-ass thug you meet claims to be his own man, heck this attitude has infected the women of tomorrow as well and even many of the children that we come in contact with but let’s take a closer look at that before assuming that anyone who hides behind a gun, a knife or any weapon besides the God-given ones are truly brave.  These unisex thugs who claim to be their own person really are not and here is why.  They are controlled by the kingpin who runs the operation and they do his/her bidding so how can they be their own person if they are being played like a cheap violin or kept on strings like a puppet by someone who risks nothing but gains everything from all that he/she dispatches them out to do.  These behind the scene bullies are what I refer to as graveyard bullies.  They are graveyard bullies because they push and push until the one who is being pushed ends up in a graveyard somewhere.  There may have been a time where the bulling would have stopped when they went to jail but not anymore and the only time that bullying will stop is when the puppet releases their souls trapped in their man-made bodies and deposit that man-made body in a graveyard nearby.

Now the graveyard bullies are bad enough but when you mix in the adrenaline junkies you get a cocktail that is ten times worse and often very lethal.  I’m talking about those cops who watch too much “Cops” on television and see themselves as pulling such stunts as they see being performed in Hollywood without realizing that after those stunts are completed and the cameras are no longer rolling, the Director calls cut and all those who are supposed to be dead gets up, dust themselves off and head off to their trailers to prepare for the next scene or call it a day.  This is never the case when those not of Hollywood attempt to recreate these same feats and portray that leading man or woman in the show.  They look forward to a high speed chase and have gone through how they would race up, down and around traffic when that time comes.  They dream of the day when they can get away with putting the pedal to the metal and letting that engine roar.  They feel excited and ultimate euphoria as they race past everyone else as if screaming out their windows hey mom and everyone else look at me.  They give no thought to road conditions or the fact that some person just getting off of work is not thinking about looking for a high speed chase and all that’s on their minds is getting home to their families.  No one is listening for lights and sirens but simply listening to their favorite song on the radios or through cds.  They give no thought about that senior citizen whose primary concern is merging into traffic without having an accident or those Looky-lous who stretches their necks to see what is happening and taking their sights off what they should be watching for and that is the person in front of them or behind them.  They give no thoughts about any of this just the idea that they can now sit around a beer table with other like-minded people and brag about how fast they got to go and the maneuvers they were able to pull.  May appear great in fantasy but in reality, it is far more devastating because now the memories you wished to have to brag about is now the memories you will have that turns into nightmares.

Out of all this there is still one thing that we have yet to mention and that is the very large amount of evil in the world.  People think that many are born evil therefore they have no choice, yet some think it is a learned trait and still some think that it is simply a matter of how you are raised.  All of these have a place in the argument but here is another.  Evil is nothing more that the desire to do evil and because it is a desire just like any other desire it can be controlled and eliminated if the desire to do so is there.  A body that does evil does not mean that the soul is totally evil and cannot be redeemed.  It simply means that the owner of that soul refuses to be redeemed.  We are nothing more than a soul which is made in the image of God and God is nothing more than a spirit.  The man-made body we occupy keeps us trapped within and each time an earthly life ends that soul is released to inhabit another body later on.  If the soul is a good soul and do not mind having to be redeemed from time to time, then when it is released we should rejoice because now it will know what true freedom feels like but if a soul is bad and refuses to be redeemed than we should do the opposite.  The soul of the young man mentioned in this story is now out there, wondering around without a guide because those who were assigned to guide him failed when he was contained within his body.  How many more will we fail before we realize that evil exists in this world because we fail to seek and show redemption for those who need it and especially for ourselves?


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