Another Thought about Marine Corps Basic Training

For those Marines who survived this “supposedly hazing, assaults and physical abuse” when it was thought to be the best way to train and condition Marines so that they would be better able to survive wars and what they saw in them as well as survive longer in a prisoner of war (POW) camp than those not exposed to this type of training, we say now how much of a wimp those who now cry when their little bitty feelings get hurt are draining this nation of macho men with balls.  We now use this as the reason so many are committing suicide and begging to get out once they get in or refusing to even joins in the first place.  We do this because we survived it and if we can survive it, then those in the news crying like a little bitty baby should be able to survive it as well but what we miss is that not everyone is like us and to hold ourselves as perfect examples of how others should act is definitely a clear definition of arrogance.  So are we now to display Marines as arrogant?

Today’s training reflects where those in authority currently stand as far as physical and mental readiness is within the Marines.  Some believe that you can get more out of a person by being less physical and more mental as far as gamesmanship is concern while others feel as though a little bit of a thump in the chest makes a boy into a man.  Because of this divide and some pretty influential people on each side, we keep going from one extreme to another.  All the while the battle of what it takes to be a Marine has been overshadowed by many whom have never even attempted to earn that title or from those who was never subjected to this type of training or forgot how it feels to earn that title Marine.  I go on this tangent after reading an article titled “Marine Corps: 15 drill instructors under investigation” written by Susanne M. Schafer for the Associated Press.  In it is reported that “the Marine Corps is investigating allegations of hazing, assault and physical abuse involving 15 drill instructors at its Parris Island training installation in South Carolina.  The general in charge of Marine Corps training and education at Quantico, Virginia, said in a statement released Thursday that the allegations stem from an investigation into the death of a Parris Island recruit in March.  The Naval Criminal Investigation Service has said 20-year-old Raheel Siddiqui of Taylor, Michigan, died after falling nearly 40 feet in a stairwell at the installation.  Maj. Gen. James W. Lukeman says all the Marines under investigation have been assigned to duties that do not involve recruits. Parris Island is one of the Marine Corps' two basic-training installations”.

Now I do not know the entire story and there may be much more than meets the eye here but based on this article and my hands-on knowledge of the Marines, the case for conditioning our young men and women not for what they see in front of them now but what may occur in the months and years to follow makes more sense than trying to please some influential booster who has never served, earned any military title or have the foggiest idea about anything thing being taught by military instructors.  


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