Racism-How it all began and the only way it will end

Racism began as a thought, and idea based on a belief and reinforced by Genesis Chapter 1 verses 26 through 31 where it is written “Then God said let us make a man someone like ourselves to be the master of all life upon the earth and in the skies and in the seas.” “So God made man like his maker, like God did God make man. Man and maid did he make them and God blessed them and told them multiply and fill the earth and subdue it, you are the masters of the fish and birds and all animals and look I have given you the seed-bearing plants throughout the earth and the fruit bearing tress for your food.  And I have given all the grass and plants to the animals and birds for food.  Then God looked over all that he had made, and it was excellent in every way.  This ended the sixth day.”

This passage was what they used to justify taking control of the earth, the sky, the seas and all else God had made except man in his ultimate betrayal to God took this one step further.  A group of men who saw themselves as much more than God made a decision to extend their God-given dominion over all he had created to include man and woman.  This was the beginning of racism because the real true definition of racism is the belief that one race of people are superior to other races.  That one kind of person is endowed by the Creator to pick and choose for the rest of humanity what is best.  We see this still today, where certain groups see themselves as superior because of man-made factors like where they are from, what language they speak, how they act, what they think or simply what color of skin they have.  This ultimate arrogance was none other than the work of evil invited in by man to stroke his ego and make him forget that we all have the very same father and we all were made in the image of that father and nowhere in the verses quoted above did God grant man dominion over another man or woman. 

We see this at its early stages when the religious leaders of the Old Testament times were passing the word that God only favored those from the tribe of Levi to be priest.  We heard this from another selected group of people who claimed that they were the chosen ones and we saw how far man was convinced that they could go by evil when they ignored the words of Jesus, placed the mortal Moses above him and even murdered the true son of God.  We saw this as those who first came to visit a faraway land decide that they knew better than the Native Americans who had been living on this land long before them.  We saw it in those who were too lazy to operate their multitude of properties when they traded for other human beings in order to have that land worked.  We saw it when many were placed in special camps and controlled like cattle as they had those Native residents who once openly invited them to stay.  We see this today in groups wishing to return this nation to its once glory days only not being able to tell you which days those were and those who think that just because of who their earth daddy was allows them the luxury of dictation to those who were not born so lucky.  This is racism people and there is but one way to end it.

Since racism is not a constructed structure like a building, it is not easily deconstructed as many may wish to believe or want others to believe.  Racism dwells within each of us as individuals and if it is our goal to eradicate it from this world, we must first eradicate it from ourselves.  This is a very tough task and one many still do not wish to admit exists within them.  They much more wish to follow the example of evil and blame the decisions or choices that they make upon anything or anyone else besides themselves.  One man or woman cannot and never will have the power to remove racism from another but we can begin this cycle by removing racism from ourselves.  Then and only then will others see just how peaceful and righteous your life is and choose themselves to follow your example.  By setting this example, we can completely erase racism from the face of this earth and from the complete universe if we choose but it will take an effort from all and not just a few.  If your true goal is to end racism, if you truly mean what you say and is not just using racism as an excuse, then prove it simply by removing it from yourself, other than that stay quiet and safely hidden in your corner because the noise you are making now is only drowning out those who are truly serious.


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