Before anyone can claim Unity and Peace there is one thing they must first do

In a nation claiming to be so Christian, we surely ignore the most glaring thing of all.  If you are truly a child of God then you were made in his image.  His image is a spirit; a spirit has no skin color so why does this one fact escape us all?  It does so because that’s the way evil wants it and as long as we are willing to be led by the nose by evil, then that is the only way we will see it.  The differences in skin tone are due to pigmentation, pigmentation necessary to protect your body from external factors period.  What defines you is not the outside or anything else evil wishes you to believe.  What defines you is how you conduct yourself day by day as a child of God but before you make any attempt to feed the hungry and house the homeless, you need to perform one very important act first.

The first thing you must do to become a much better you and pleasing to the God you claim to serve is remove that beam from your eye first.  In other words exercise all those demons within you first and then and only then will you be able to feed the hungry and house the homeless.  As long as you are walking around leaking evil out of every one of your pores, you will never be able to show anyone the path to peace.  Why should this be as difficult as we make it out to be for anyone who has the awesome power of God backing them up?

It’s difficult because we are a slave to evil and we choose not to change teams.  You see, evil is as strong as we allow it to be within each of us.  Evil has no real power, no power of its own.  It depends solely upon us to pass it around and pass it on.  We can easily choose to dump it and never pick it up again but that will mean we must now take full responsibility for each and every decision we make.  It means that we will no longer be afforded the luxury of blaming others for the choices we make and when things go wrong blaming others first before making sure that we have honestly and completely located and recognized every fault we had in it.

We claim to want peace and unity, we claim to want to feed the hungry and house the homeless but in order to do and receive these things we need only to do this one thing first.  Jesus showed us how while he was here on earth and the lessons of how to do this fills all holy texts from the Bible to the Koran but how serious are we really?  Can we be serious about the things we claim to want if we are not willing to do this one thing?  Maybe it is not about having the courage to change ourselves first or even not having the desire.  Maybe it is because we are happy pretending to serve God while obviously serving evil instead.


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