Why Evil exists in the World

For years I have struggled with this question and was never able to even provide a decent answer to those who would ask.  I never was sure why evil exist and I would simply say that possibly it was because of the “yin and yang” theory.  For those of you who may not be familiar with this theory, it is the theory of in order to know well, you need to know badly and opposite things must exist to help us better understand the difference between them.  That was then but today, I have a much different theory and one that I believe matches better than the previous theory.

The reason this question was so very hard for me to answer was because as you read Genesis of the Old Testament, you see God creating the worlds and everything in it.  You hear how happy he was and you read that it was good.  Also in the Old Testament, you hear the multiple of stories depicting God’s love, compassion and caring ways so it makes sense to ask the question, if God truly so loved the world why would he allow evil to exist and be so very strong.  Today, I surmise that this question is answerable and a mixture of three very important parts.

Part one is before God began to create the earths and all other planets which exist today, he had put together heaven and with it he created extra souls or spirits to help him there.  One of the first spirits created was the one we now call Lucifer who believed that since he was one of, if not the first, he would be first in line for God’s throne but as God created more spirits, he began to pay more attention to them instead of to Lucifer has he had before.  The other spirits created to assist in heaven never really worried about their place in the line of succession but there were some who figured that the tasks given to Michael, Raphael and Gabriel should have gone to them.  Lucifer’s jealousy manufactured evil and to make this evil much stronger, he had to recruit others who felt that jealousy too.  This kept building until one day Lucifer and others decided that a revolution was necessary and made their attempt to replace God.  It failed and failed miserably but it was enough for God to now separate those who had manufactured this new form of emotion from those who did not.  Lucifer was dispelled to earth and all the other planets to help create a world where God’s newest creations would be placed and Lucifer was restricted there until that day, he would relent his evil ways and return his spirit to the form from which it was created.  To date Lucifer has refused to do this and until he does, the emotion of evil stays.

Now evil spreads, not through sitting on a public bathroom toilet but through the emotion of jealousy. Lucifer knows this and since he was the original creator of this emotion, it lives and dies with him.  When God created the spirit of man, he gave him all the talents and authority that he had those he created in heaven and since he never created evil, the only defense he could give us against it was our ability to think for ourselves.  During the Old Testament time, those spirits created were also not given the knowledge of God at creation, so it was necessary for Moses and others including Jesus to locate and secure disciples to help spread God’s word.  These people had to be given a gift that was thought to truly make those seeing believe so many were given the talent to exercise demons or evil directly from another’s soul.  Only after having to destroy his creations more than once, did God recognize that maybe the only option left to him was to insure that all those spirits created afterwards are created with the knowledge of him beforehand.  This would also give all his children the power over evil and the ability to exercise evil from within them.

The third and final part of this was when God sent Jesus with a new agreement to be sealed by his blood and when the skies darken after he was murdered, the spirits who had been created without the knowledge of God already were transformed and those created afterwards were infused with this awareness.  Jesus may have been the last one with the ability to cast out demons from others but nowhere in the Bible does it say once cast out were they ever allowed to enter that same place again.  Maybe that was also a concern with those able to cast out evil that evil would return to that same person or place after they left.  Either way, this now provided others with an excuse not holding themselves responsible for their actions and choices.  When we take charge of exercising the evil from within, if when we can insure that evil does not ever return.

So what is the lesson we wish many to take away from all this.  Know that evil exists because we allow it to.  It exists within all of us and each day we have the responsibility to exercise it from us because no one else can.  As long as we refuse to perform this act, evil shall grow stronger and stronger.  We know that evil was not an emotion created by God but by one of his first sons, Lucifer and we know that it was not created but manufactured in him by his jealousy of his other brothers.  We know that if we trace back the evil or hatred we feel within us, we can find a clear path of its beginning in jealousy.  We know that nothing evil creates, conjures up and manufacture can hurt us unless we let it.  We know that we hold domain not over any other person other than ourselves and we know that long before we try to aid in helping another clean up their home, ours need to be spotless.  We know that often we hide the dirt that exist within our own homes and concentrate our effort on pointing out the mess in other’s homes because we are too afraid, too weak and not courageous enough to tackle our mess and we know that as long as we are busy pointing the fingers at everyone else, trying to reflect the blame upon someone else, evil grows.  Jesus is quoted as saying “it is not what goes into your mouth that makes you unholy, it’s what comes out”.  So you can claim religion and Christian all you wish but as your actions dictates, that is what you shall be known by.  Actions do not necessarily mean what you do in the presence of cameras or for others, actions mean what you do for the sake of yourself.  You can help more people and do so much more good, if we first exercise the evil from within us before calling ourselves laying the hands on another.


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