What we have not learn from past wars and remain continually ignorant of

Americans pride themselves on comparison of their intelligence level and many even join special societies to promote just how intelligent they are.  Others use grades from academic institutions to measure their level of intelligence and still others use their knowledge of how certain things work or how well they perform their chosen tasks as proof of their superiority over another.  All this and yet still we prove each and every day just how unintelligent we are and how insane our motives to prove one better than the other really is.

We have all heard the old saying that the true sign of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, the exact same way but expecting a different result.  This act alone shows us for what we really are.  A bunch of insane fools who keep searching for that elusive longing in the exact same area we have been searching for it for decades now and still not finding it.  We keep looking for that answer to the same question but we refuse to look anywhere else besides the place where we are led to believe it exists and exists only there.  We call ourselves looking for this brass ring but all we find is pewter or fool’s gold and still none of us are smart enough to even consider we are looking in the wrong area.

Wars were created not because they served any other purpose besides the honorable killing of another person but under the insane and idiotic idea that it will promote peace.  If we were as smart and intelligent as we pretend to be then we would know that wars never bring peace and it never will.  Wars only spur more wars and more killing because the objective of war can never be peace.  If you kill someone’s son or daughter, father or brother, you will not endure that person to respect you or your ways, you will only inspire that person to avenge those you have killed by killing those you love.  This is not and never will be any form of peace so why do we still do it?  We do it because we refuse to admit that we are searching for peace in the wrong place and we are too arrogant or stupid to accept this fact.

Black Lives Matter wishes to protest the unlawful murder of black men by police but this thing has been occurring since the beginning of time and nothing has happened so far to even delay this happening again.  No word from these very same people when Bloods are killing Crips unless some innocent child is caught in the cross fire.  They say that it is about protecting their people and standing up for their rights which is as ignorant as all other arguments because if this was true, those that they are standing up for would not be labelled their people.  You see, no one belongs to no one and no one belongs to one group or another.  We all belong to the same group and if we intend to find this place that we search so hard for, the first thing we need to do is understand that division for any reason is as insane and inane as saying one group is more important than another.

The Bloods and Crips gang members who drive by and kill the other does not kill a rival gang member, they kill a son, a father, a friend.  The Baton Rouge Officers who shot and killed Alton Sterling did not kill a criminal or a law-breaker; they killed a son, a father, a friend.  The police officer who killed Philando Castile did not kill a robber or a statue violator; he killed a son, a father, a friend.  The shooter, Micah Xavier Johnson, who killed five police officers and wounded at least 7 more, did not kill white people; he killed veterans, a son, a father, a friend.  The inmate who shot a county sheriff's deputy, then fatally shot two bailiffs, Berrien County, Michigan did not kill a sheriff’s deputy and two bailiffs, he killed a veteran, a son, a father, a grandfather and a friend.  All these examples can be found within any confrontation which ends in violence because violence has never solved anything.  Violence begins to make sense to us because we have decided to shield ourselves from caring about other people by attaching labels on them.  We do not see each other as anything more than the job they have.  We see police officers and not people, we see criminals and not people, we see gang members and not people, we see white and not just people, we see black and not just people, we see illegals and not people, and we see Muslims and not people.  We do this because we can now make ourselves believe that they are different and nothing like us so we do not have to care about them or consider that they are people.  How convenient that is for such an intelligent group of people.

In the beginning God allowed separation and some even said he had his favorite but later, God became aware of this separation and took steps to end it.  He revised his original agreement with his creations and created another one more inclusive that exclusive.  He showed his seriousness by delivering this new agreement through his son.  His son was murdered but not because he committed any kind of crime except to try and educate us that we are all God’s children and since we are made in his image will never be black, white, Hispanic, Asian, Muslim, Catholic, Baptist or Lutheran.  We are but a spirit with no such identifying mark as skin color or origin of birth but as long as we continue to search for this elusive peace or whatever it is we feel we need to survive this earthly life and refuse to accept that all of us are people first before anything else, we will be searching for this treasure digging in the same place and spot that we have been digging in for centuries.  For an intelligent bunch of people how much sense does that truly make?


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