The Lessons we are missing or choosing to ignore about the recent violations of others

When you attend school, people wish to say that there you can gain book smarts but when you education comes from the streets, people say you are gaining streets smarts.  Depending on who you talk to or at the time you talk to them, one would push one over the other and there has even been behavioral test conducted to see which actually came first, the chicken or the egg.  For some reason we think that life is so complicated that we must have a pre-programmable gene within all of us that causes us to act a particular way at a particular time.  Though I can respect these experts’ thoughts and ideas, I have to vehemently disagree with their assessment.

This pre-conceived notion to do evil is not a part of our make-up but a direct result of our environment and the choices that we make.  If you make a statement that you believe in a particular thing and you fail to live up to that statement is not a result of anything other than you making a statement you that you failed to live up too.  There is no great mystery there and life is surely not as complicated as we would like to believe.  Then without the excuse of the complexity of life, we now have to take full responsibility for all of our actions and stop trying to find anything that will excuse those actions.  Let’s not make any mistake in assuming that just because you are found not guilty in man’s court of law, you will be found innocent on your judgment day in front of God.

The recent shootings of cops and cops shootings of others have been blamed on several things and people are all in an uproar about it.  They wish to institute new training for all cops and struggle to find a better way of dealing with this.  The same can be said about terrorist who travel around the world and blow things and people up in the name of their God or their religion.  It is not their fault that they are placed in this position because they want others to think that they were forced into that way of life.  This is a bold and flat out lie and even if man forgives you and those who convinced you to do these things applaud and praise you, the end result and the one we should all fear the most will be the final judgment from all of our God who is the exact same spirit who will judge us all.  You can call him Jehovah, Buddha, Ali or whatever you wish but make no mistake, he is one and the same so avoid responsibility here in the flesh but stand by to suffer far worse in the spirit.

I would like to end this little sermon by finally revealing to you the lessons we are missing or choosing to ignore.  The lesson is simply that same lesson that can be found chronicled in the Old Testament of any Bible.  Adam was created as a man, not a God.  Moses was created as a man, not a God, Jesus was created as a man but surely a God so out of those three who would you wish to serve and listen to more?  That’s the lesson.  You see no one begins life as defined by how we see them today and since that is the case, failure to hold them responsible for the actions taken as they were when life began means that they now are lead to believe that all is forgiven and you are now on the hook for that action because you did not hold them accountable.  That’s the lesson.  Calling yourself relieving someone of their sins means you are acting as a God when you were created as a man.  It’s okay to forgive them but you can only forgive them for what they did to you and not erase what they did to others.  If their crime, if their sin was against you then you can forgive them but if their crime, if their sin was against others only God can forgive them for that so when you as a man give them a pass, you have not only condemned their souls but your own.

Let me see if I can make this a little bit clearer for those who read this.  We claim that it is white cops shooting blacks or terrorist from Islam that is causing all these unnecessary deaths around the world.  We set up a legion of laws to combat those we capture and attempt to control their behavior by administrating some sort of punishment upon them, however not all who violate these same laws receive the same punishment.  Some are even allowed to continue.  Consider this; before those cops shooting any man, armed or unarmed became cops, they were men.  Before these terrorist became radicalized and started blowing up stuff, they were men.  So to assume that the acts of anyone can be attributed to the acts of all means to allow these men to escape responsibility. 

Cops are not shooting and killing people, people are.  Gang members are not shooting and killing people, people are.  Terrorist are not bombing and killing people, people are.  In the Old Testament, it was believed that only those from the tribe of Levi could become priests and spread the word of God, so those who heard God’s voice and followed his command to share this knowledge with others were ignored, shunted or killed.  We are doing the same thing now.  Some people are bad people who happen to wear the uniform of a cop so we condemn all cops instead of just those who happen to wear the identical uniform.  If God called on others to spread his word, then who are those who decided that they needed to be ignored, shunned or killed.  Were they not created as men and not a God or have we gotten to the point that man is larger, smarter and more important or powerful than God?


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