America’s newest Get Rich Quick Scheme Backfires

I, like many, are not above suing another person or company if I believe that they are purposefully deceiving me and many times if you offer me any kind of settlement, I will first look at the money instead of the principal but this would be designed to aid in my quest for enormous wealth and while I do not begrudge anyone discovering their pots of gold, I do draw the line at those who stand on the necks of others only to later claim a more lofty calling.

Those who are wronged should be able to receive restitution but to collect pennies while those who claim to care about your plight and can feel your pain collect major dollars is another case of standing on the necks of others.  Just received this notice and there are a few points that I would like to share with you.

You are receiving this e-mail because you may have used LinkedIn's Add Connections feature between September 17, 2011 and October 31, 2014.  A federal court authorized this Notice. This is not a solicitation from a lawyer.  Why did I get this notice? This Notice relates to a proposed settlement ("Settlement") of a class action lawsuit ("Action") against LinkedIn Corporation ("LinkedIn") based on LinkedIn's alleged improper use of a service called "Add Connections" to grow its member base.”

Now while this sounds like the wronged getting their justice take a very close look at how this all shakes out.  “LinkedIn has also agreed to pay $13 million into a fund that can be used, in part, to make payments to members of the Settlement Class who file approved claims. Attorneys representing the Settlement Class will petition the Court for payment of the following from the fund: (1) reasonable attorneys' fees, expenses, and costs up to a maximum of $3,250,000, and (2) service awards for the Plaintiffs up to a maximum of $1,500 each. The payment amount for members of the Settlement Class who file approved claims will be calculated on a pro rata basis, which means that it will depend on the total number of approved claims. If the number of approved claims results in a payment amount of less than $10, LinkedIn will pay an additional amount up to $750,000 into the fund. If the pro rata amount is so small that it cannot be distributed in a way that is economically feasible, payments will be made, instead, to Cy Pres Recipients selected by the Parties and approved by the Court. No one knows in advance whether or in what amount payments will be made to claimants”.

So Linkedin wronged you, not the attorneys and they collect more than even those who hired them.  Maybe to everyone else this sounds right but to me this just sounds so very wrong but then I might be wrong.


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