Polls do more to reveal the real Donald Trump than anything else

For quite some time now, people have been trying to pull back the thousands of layers of Donald Trump to reveal who he really is and what he is truly about.  The public is quite well aware of the “blow-hard” tough negotiator and elite business manager he claims to be.  The public is well aware of how much of when he speaks is less about the specific of what he is or would do if elected and more about how wonderful and special he is.  The public is well aware that Donald Trump thinks so highly of himself that he is trying to help the public understand just how stupid they would be if he is not elected.  What the public may not have known but is beginning to see being uncovered is a more revealing Donald Trump, exposed by the latest Iowa and one National Poll and solidified by that one statement made at a campaign event after Trump learned about it.

When Mr. Trump was asked about the 2 Iowa polls that had him trailing Dr. Ben Carson, he dismissed them as small polls and would go right back to skirting the subject of the question asked by whomever was talking to him.  This all changed after word came that Mr. Trump was now falling behind Dr. Carson in a national poll.  At an event right after this news broke Mr. Trump informed the members of his rally that if Iowa doesn’t get its numbers up, he would never speak to them again and to please get those numbers up.  I should not have to tell you how that would sound coming from a President Trump to other world leaders in a meeting about our national security.

For those who call themselves “isolationist” this may mean Donald Trump is their guy because if he does not get his way, he will take all his marbles and go home.  This appears to be his main tactic and may have been used several times in his business deals but refusing to step back and the light to shine on others is not his strong suit.  This may have worked with the GOP establishment when he used it to get his way in the debates but can you see fear instilled in the eyes of this nation’s adversaries when he sits across from them and uses this same tactic on them?  A bully is only a bully if the tactic they implore are allowed to work and it appears that so far Mr. Trump may have just played his “ace in the hold” card.  Maybe now his book sales number will grow high enough so that he can replace losing in the polls with how much more his book is selling than the other candidates now that his number one talking point is no longer.


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