Khloe Kardashian is a Class Act

We all should have heard the story of Former NBA Basketball Star Lamar Odom and how so many may be attempting to use this tragedy as a stepping stone to some sort of fame.  Mr. Odom is reported to be still hanging one even though it is also reported that some of his organs have failed but what we have been is the actions of a very classy lady who may have gotten her fame from reality TV but has consistently shown herself to be totally real.

Now please don’t get it twisted, I do not like this new genre of television called Reality TV because in my world, there is nothing real about it but to see the behind the scenes movement of Khloe Kardashian would make even a most ardent evader of reality shows want to watch more of her.  We all can surmise that this event is quite devastating to those who truly love Lamar, not those who just pretend and by the actions of Khloe; you can’t help but feel that this lady has nothing but real love for her husband.  I say this because of all the news stories about him; the one thing that struck me more was the final statement in a piece I read.  It said “Khloé has remained by his side for almost the entirety of his stay at Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas”.  Now I don’t know about anyone else but this proves to me that this lady is for real and in this life we all could use something, anything that is truly real.  


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