Who or what is your Enemy exactly

An enemy is defined as “a person who is actively opposed or hostile to someone or something” while the Urban Dictionary defines enemy as “a former friend or acquaintance whose company is no longer considered to be beneficial to a relationship”.  Now I don’t know about you but man’s definitions of words we have used so often and have come to believe in are in serious need of renovation when it comes to the realization of the public today.

These definitions should clearly show why there is so much hatred in this world and how we have been lead to believe that this hatred is justified.  These definitions tells us that it is okay, fair and just to look upon anyone who opposes, disagrees with, or cannot understand us to be tagged as an enemy and therefore destroyed.  We wonder why all this hatred comes from and we wonder how we, as a just society, could allow such actions to be a common part of our lives, well we need to wonder no longer.  We are the reason for all this hatred and we are the cause of hatred growing stronger and stronger within our society because we believe that we have the right and are just in it.

If these definitions can be believed, this would mean that even a family member who has a different take on any subject can be justly labeled an enemy.  It says that even parents and children who see things differently can honestly tag each other with the title enemy.  That debate and discussion is worthless because we have an excuse for never wishing to listen to nor ever hearing the desires, wishes, hopes and dreams of another especially if it goes against those of ours.  It says no further need for “adult conversation” is necessary because if no other sees the world as you do, all you need is the label enemy and you are now right to ignore, berate, belittle and even harm that person. 

For so-called Christians this idea possesses an even larger problem because how can we say that we are following in the footstep of Jesus when we disagree become disagreeable and if they persist violent?  I can’t find a single passage where Jesus harmed any of those that stood against him so if he didn’t and we do, where did we stray off the path of his footsteps and can we get back on them?

I cannot answer this question for you, only you can answer this question for yourself.  To me an enemy can never be someone who is attempting to get my understanding of their position or someone who has a different take on any subject than I.  You cannot be an enemy because these times allows me an opportunity to grow as a person, learn something that I didn’t already know and gain a better understanding of a subject that I only know from my unique experience with it.  That is an opportunity that I dare not pass up so we shall debate on, discuss on and after that, move on.  If you do not agree with my truth but can respect it, you may be my adversary, you may be my opponent, you may be my opposer and you may even by my competitor but you will never ever by my enemy.


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