The Key to correcting your Child’s Development Parental Involvement

First please allow me to say that I was one of the most argent detractors from those people that I referred to as “eggheads” when they first came out with this thing about “parental involvement” being necessary to help children develop better.  I was one of the ones who claimed that it was just a few “know-it-all” who was attempting to shift the blame from educators and teachers doing their jobs.  After seeing evidence of this just a few days ago and thinking back to all the times this happened that I did not capture makes me wish now to ask all those for their forgiveness because I was wrong.

It took a matter of ten minutes to turn my failing daughter in math, spelling and reading into someone who now cannot only do the math assigned but has advanced to geometry.  She now craves reading and was recently excited about reading the dictionary.  This from a child whom we were told just a few weeks ago was reading at a lower level than others her age.  Ten minutes of time turned an inward child into a confident child and now makes the time we spend together much more enjoyable than I had ever thought.

Ten minutes was all it took so I now have to wonder what parent who claims to love their child more than themselves cannot find ten minutes to give that child the encouragement he/she needs to develop into that child you have always wanted to brag about.  All it truly took was us convincing her that she was indeed special and that there was nothing man-made that she could not figure out.  We took those ten minutes and helped her to understand that everyone puts on their pants the very same way, one leg at a time, which means if someone can create a problem, she could figure out the solution.  We took those ten minutes to show her by asking her questions and celebrating when she answered them.  We cared not if she got the answer right but that she answered as best she knew.  You see, in those ten minutes we learned that it is not about whether our children knows the answer or not that stops them, it’s the idea of being wrong as if it is some kind of curse.

Our child now knows that being wrong is a good thing because now you can learn the right answers as well as why it is the right one.  No one answers why anymore these days, they just prefer that if it is they who say it, no one will question and just accept what is being said as fact.  Our child now knows that not knowing something is a perfect opportunity to learn many things but for those who think they know everything, they shall learn nothing.  Ten minutes people, dedicated to those you claim so much to love and give them the opportunity to shine.  Ten minutes to show them that the only thing keeping them from being the best of who they are is not the polish that others place upon them, rather it is the effort of polishing that they do to themselves.  Ten minutes, do you not think your child is worth it?


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