Atheists beware your Truth is Crumbling

Atheism is defined as “a person who disbelieves or lacks belief in the existence of God or gods” and the most famous of all is Bill Maher who currently a show on HBO has called “Real Time with Bill Maher”.   For years he has made it a point to say to anyone who will listen how corrupt religion is and how silly we are for believing in an all-powerful being that we cannot see.  While his take on the subject is funny and some of what he says is true, the idea that there is no God, I strongly believe is false.  Now make no mistake, this does not place me at odds with anyone who thinks differently than I nor does it make Bill Maher and others my enemy.  What is does do is allow me an opportunity to present my case either in their presence or not as to why there is a God and why we all should stop pretending and start being honest with ourselves.

The number one argument that I hear is “if there is a God, why do he let bad things happen”.  Now when I was first asked that question, I did not have an answer, so I prayed and early this morning, it occurred to me.  Does not the Old Testament show us how God attempted to remove all evil from the land through acts like Noah and the Great Flood?  I think God made a calculated decision and said that in order for me to wipe out all that is evil; I must be willing to wipe all that I have created.  On that boat/ark there was only one family but there were many other families that did not become a slave to sin that had to be sacrificed.  God said no more to this and came up with another plan which is contained within the new agreement we call the New Testament.  How many of you would like to be judged by the actions of others instead of being judged by your own actions?

There are those who ask why so many have so many differences of opinions about what God likes and don’t like.  How can one see him as vengeful while others see him as compassionate?  I say that the answer to this can be found within each of us.  To some people we may be seen as compassionate and sensitive while in the eyes of others we can be seen as a tyrant.  I believe that vengeance was the way of the Old Testament but after modifying and critiquing, compassion became the word of the day in the New Testament.  I believe that people treat you as they see you treating others because they think that if you treat others that way, then that has got to be the way you want to be treated. 

Bottom line, there are some good points within the atheist beliefs especially when it comes to “enlightened and unenlightened self-interest”.  Enlightened self-interest is treating people as you wish to be treated so that those who watch you interact may learn how you really wish to be treated and treat you that way.  You do this to make your existence here on this earth more bearable and therefore more peaceful.  Unenlightened self-interest is neither treating people as if they do not exist nor matter when it comes to getting what you want.  Insuring that when you most need care and compassion, you may not get it because they are only following your lead.  Is this not what many of us are saying and is being said by those who say that they believe in God? 

Just as you may wish not to be judged by the actions of others, try not to judge God by the actions of others as well.  Treat him as you wish to be treated.


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