Scammers Target Veterans too bad for them they chose the wrong group

Just when you think Americans can’t drop any lower than they seem to have already, here comes a group of Americans whose idea of getting ahead is taking advantage of the freedoms that veterans won for them by using those freedoms to advance themselves standing on the necks of those same veterans. 

With veterans suffering from already high unemployment, those of us who find it hard to secure jobs are now approached by weasels like this group claiming to have the prefect job for us only to learn later that they only wish to use us.  It all begins with a letter like the one you see below, then escalates to money laundering which seems to snare not those scammers and tricksters but the unsuspecting veteran, his/her family and others.

Dear Applicant,

Our recruitment team has reviewed your resume via VET Boards and We are very pleased with your listed qualifications and would like to conduct an online interview to discuss the duties within the job, along with the pay scale, for the post of Account Payroll Specialist III / Call Center Representative / Financial Manger II and Administrative Assistant IV

Your information has been forwarded to one of our Hiring Staff He will be conducting the interview, via Google Hangout

You are required to setup a Google Mail ID. If you already have one, Proceed to download the Hangout App. Once you are done you are to message one of the Hiring Manager. Search for on Hangout

Interview Date : Friday 30th of October 2015
Interview Time : 12am - 10pm

Best Regard,

Dennis Miles
Hiring Manager
Fidelity Worldwide

Here’s how you beat them at their own game.  Play along making sure not to give them personal information like vitals until you receive that promised check in the mail.  Keep all correspondence from them and make copies of everything they send you and every conversation you have with them.  Contact the owner of that check whose name should be at the very top to insure that they are aware that they have checks missing.  Contacts the bank on which that check was drawn and make sure that they get a copy of it so that they can begin to track the scammers.  Contact the FBI Cyber crimes Unit and file a complaint so that they can begin to create a file for these self-centered hounds.  Once all that is done, sit back and wait because before you know it, you will hear about arrests being made and these people being shut down.  Now others may pop up after them but knowing what you can do to help capture these cowards will go a long way in making sure that the intelligence wasted to try and scam is now put to work to develop a better mouse trap.


  1. I was a victim of this. It broke my heart because i actually thought I would get a job paying 24.00/hr.


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